Tritoon vessel in NY harbor

Trying to decide whether or not a 23’ JC Neptoon tritoon with a 150hp outboard (three pontoon open vessel with lifting bow fins) is seaworthy enough for NY harbor and/or the East River, considering other vessel wakes. I plan to make crossings in the East River and possible six passenger boat tours/charters, weather permitting.

Anyone have any real data or experience with tritoon or pontoon boats in these waters or sound advise? It’s easier not do something, but if it can be done safely, I would like to know if it’s a good idea. These vessels cost upwards of $30k plus, so it would be a big waste of money, if its just not seaworthy for the East River…

Back when I lived in North Jersey, I used to run my boats through the Gate and into the Sound. Where I live now there are a bunch of Pontoons on the lakes, I have a 25 foot.

I have taken my Pontoon out into the Gulf several times and there is no way I would take a chance of running any Pontoon Tri-Toon or not up there all of the time! Never mind the “Seas” that can be found in the Gate, I would be more worried about the Fast Ferries and the wakes thrown by them.

The idea behind the Tri-Toon’s was to make them capable of holding a Larger Engine and to be able to go Faster while carrying more people. They are not built to take the conditions found running around the harbor.

Now, if you just want to run up the Kills and the North River, I would say OK but you are going to have to keep a really good watch for any larger wakes.

This might be something I would do ONCE but I would not purchase the boat if you are planning on doing this all of the time.

Maybe the bigger fiberglass catamarans for yours/ferries that look kind of like pontoons on steroids. Not an aluminum deal deathtrap.

You’d be better off seeing what other people in that area run and use something similar. Pontoons aren’t really good for that kind of chop.

Ask the Coastguard - a lot of experience there, and they’ll soon let you know if its a bad idea.
Not sure how things work in the US but in the UK, for any sort of charter work, the vessel has to be coded by the Coastguard.