Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


You should be happy there are no tough liable laws in the US!!!


I wonder if I am “liable” if I say “EAT ME!”

see you in court


We’ll probably have to wait our turn. I hear the US Courts will be busy for a while now.


Take it to The Hague.


Ahh an Internationalist on the forum. Me like!!
BTW; what happened to the post that started this OT session, somebody took offence??


What would be wrong with that? Many times the maritime unions and many in the USCG fought to get the SID passed and the DOJ/ DOS blocked those efforts after 9/11 they doubled down because of the crazy security protocols. SID should have been instituted instead of worthless TWIC and the gate would have been cleared for the US signing the MLC. Aviation community the silver spoon fair haired children of the transportation world stroll through our airports with nare a care.


Foreign airline crews are paid well enough that they don’t have a history jumping plane to become dishwashers in the US. Foreign seamen do have a history of jumping ship in the US.


I didn’t say I thought there was, I was starting fact not personal opinion.


Is there still a TAL? Wow…

Their port captain used to work as a Master at TECO until he was busted for forging entries into the compass correction books, from what I was told. Winning management all the way around!




TAL may be forever relegated to the annals of failed shitstain companies but I still fear that the miserable pipsqueak Gudmundor Kaniggettstaed will rise again from the sewers again someday to stink up the place yet again with his criminal cheapassed “who gives two tiny shits for the mariners” ways