Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


I saw Tony( there former hiring manager) in the city the other day and he said they are bankrupt and closing up shop. He already had another job. Sounds like TAL is no more…


I can only speak to M/V GEYSIR

The vessel reverted to the bank at auction on 29 Nov

It was subsequently bought by I believe transocean and according to sub/cust slated for the DR to be scrapped but the Shipyard says they are going to go Fix up and put it into service.

Subcust was released as was the agent on 19 December.

That is all the info I have


Anyone have news on what finally happened to the two TAL ships?

What about the Icelander in Connecticut? Has he started another gyppo shipping company to carry military cargo, or is he completely out of business?


TRANSATLANTIC still listed for sale at

can’t find the listing for the GEYSIR that used to be on their site though


Only less than a month ago I still saw that hunk of shit Transatlantic anchored in Long Beach. What an eyesore.


saw on FB she was sold to someone.


now it is turn for the TRANSATLANTIC


even though a little miserable POS vessel, I still hope she remains US flag


Reefer “Shockets” is a pretty great Freudian slip.


Whaaaat- you don’t want this lil creampuff? Kick the tires and light the fires.


I have no idea what she will fetch but it might be something Matson would be interested in.


She would be perfect to run between the islands.


The Transatlantic is not all that different than Matson’s reflagged Kamokuiki that will be on their Hononlulu to Marshall Island service.


Apparently, the TRANSATLANTIC is scheduled for auction tomorrow.

I wish c.captain the best of luck with his bid.


Who bought it?


most likely the bank that held the mortgage which I expect was much higher than the fair market value of the ship today


I heard the Geysir was sold in Jax and should be heading to the yard for repairs in the next week or two in order to bring it back online. I thought it was going to be towed to Brownsville so I am quite surprised by this.


I’m guessing it was Sealift that bought it?


Not sure, heard the rumor from the yard tug Captain. I can’t imagine who would be interested in that bucket of trouble.


Marine Traffic puts the TRANSATLANTIC still anchored off Ensenada.

Did anyone buy her? Is she there for breaking, or repairs?