Towards zero emission shipping

no sea level rise creating problems in Australia, I think the east side of the continent is going up so zero net change

New Zealand straddles the pacific plate and the Australian plate and in the North Island the Pacific Plate subducts under the the Australian plate and in the South Island it is reversed. Because the Australian plate is being pushed up the East Coast of Australia is rising.
Here earthquake and tsunami drills are part of the school curriculum.

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so its the lucky country
no sea level rise
no average temp change

Thought it was interesting reading.

Maybe all this talk about shipping companies only paying lip service to de-carbonising is just BS??:

I know there are a lot of members that would like to think so though.
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the survey shows its all lip service.
The only action and it was forced apon them is low sulfur diesel, of course for road transport it was low years ago
so yep lots of headlines and …

Two LNG players join forces to transit to greener fuels:

Are you forgetting NOx and particulates?