Towards zero emission shipping

A Webinar has been held to discuss the EU initiative, which has received both support and resistance in the shipping world and beyond
(Most of the support is from environmentalists, but not all):

PS> Singapore supports IMO to lead the fight for “Carbon neutral shipping by 2050”

2050 seems a long way from now. I know I won’t be here. Maybe my kids… if they give a crap. Hope they do.

Hydrogen fuel engine has been developed in Belgium. First use is supposed to be in new tugs for Port of Antwerp:

Is this a better solution than using hydrogen powered fuel cells??

By 2050 ships will be generating power and have to unload it free to the ports they dock in…
Thats a good news headline and its true, honest, I am a ship owner…lol

1970 epa talking about unleaded fuel being a reality by the year 2000 yep sounds good I will vote for that.

Shippers balk at the EU Carbon Tax proposal:

There remains the issue of high NOx emissions. The relationship between efficient combustion and power output vs NOx emissions is tricky to deal with.

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