Towards zero emission shipping

This is the path any new build could do today. Anyone got details on the vessel?

Getting more domestic cargo onto ships with zero emission is but a dream.
But in Norway it is possible to dream:

I know, I know; It is impossible.
To think otherwise is stupid.
The greedy Shipowners, Shipbuilders and Cargo owners are just doing this to bluff gullible Norwegians into thinking that they are taking care of the environment, whiler all they actually look for is more PROFIT.

OK, even if it work in Norway it could NEVER work in the US because;
We got roads and rail. that is cheaper.
We got strong environmental regulations.
Ships has to be built in US, has to meet strict rules and be manned by Americans., which is much safer and more expensive.
In US we have XXXXXXXX (Fill in the blanks according to your choice)

More news from Norway on the subject of zero emission.
This time testing ammonia a fuel for 4-stroke engines:

And Norway is not alone in developing zero emission ships:

I just wish they would just call them low emission ships…
How about we just say the operating emissions from the engine are very low?
That removes the issue of the question of the emissions in making the fuel

Good news!!
GHG emission in the world has peaked, with 2019 being the peak year.
This according to a report by DNV-GL and doesn’t :involve only shipping:

Singapore wants to be in the forefront on the decarbonisation in shipping:

While Rotterdam is gearing up for the hydrogen powered future ofb shipping:

How’s that work? Are they going to stop importing natural gas or stop importing and refining crude or just stop exporting refined products and setting up as the region’s LNG fueling station?

Are they going to refuse to accept inbound cargoes of crude and natural gas unless they are carried on sailing ships or tankers powered by solar or Norwegian hydrogen?

see next

and made of wood

Only if they are made from farmed trees felled by hand saws and processed like this:

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mini nuclear powered chainsaws?

the real problem will be the world will run low on Co2 in the atmosphere and nothing will grow

Why the negative attitude?? Decarbonisation is a long term goal, not something that is intended to happen tomorrow.
There are going to be many steps and probably some that is in the wrong direction, but we are talking 2050 (30 years from now)

No Singapore will NOT stop importing crude oil and natural gas tomorrow. But if better ways to produce energy is available, or the market for petroleum products disappear, Singapore wants to be prepared for it. Anything wrong with that??

Ships will NOT run on solar, or be built of wood, nor is that anything that is considered by the industry… Find something else to complain about. (Or better still; find a solution to the problems, not just the problems)

They would be too heavy unless labor gets cheap and plentiful enough and they scrap the radiation exposure regulations.

It might be more economical to use an airburst nuke to fell the whole forest at once à la Tunguska and then use horses to drag the logs out.


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all ships/trucking should be LNG easy to do today and black rain will go away in most cities.
Not to mention huge C02 drop
Just look at shipping, has been talk for years, some have done scrubbers just to get over the sulphur issue which they could remove from the fuel in the first place but basically NOTHING has been done for a very long time except to keep talking about the next best thing.
Its all just fake news for shareholder and voters
Look at emission cuts from cars in the same time span. USA started fixing that issue in the 70’s, rest of the world took a while to catch up

Ah, a sterling example of the Norwegian sense of humor - or lack thereof.

Maybe you meant this a a joke (very likely)
The argument has been brought up too many time and in too many different threads to be just a joke.
If it was a joke this time, it was an old and worn out one.

Remember Greta Thunberg sailing across the Atlantic?
Even then is was said that the sailboat had to be made out of wood to be “carbon neutral”.

BTW; The difference between “carbon neutral” operation and construction is not that difficult to understand.

As it happens a modern yacht has a giant carbon foot print to construct it and where do all the plastic sails go when you finish with them?

There are several ways old sails are recycled.
I like this one though:
Apparently there is a market for your old sails and for the products made from them.