Towards zero emission shipping

There is a lot more to it than just the hydrogen component.

Burning methane reduces the amount of CO2 and particulates per BTU produced compared to other fuels but it does not eliminate CO2 and other greenhouse gases, it just moves them from one place to another.

Methane has a global warming potential (the nasty aspect of greenhouse gases) of 28 to 36 times that of CO2 so any leak or accidental “spill” or even the “methane slip” that results from imperfect combustion can negate much of the benefits.

If they found a way to sequester the CO2 they collect from the mills rather than use energy and fuel to liquify and transport it to a place where methane and hydrogen has been shipped from halfway around the globe then ship it to a bunkering port they might do something better.

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That is the plan, I believe:

PS> Japan is investing heavily in renewable energy, or is at least planning to:

they are also building lots more coal powerplants, but clean coal ones I assume?

Of course. They wash the coal first.

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Yes Japan is planning to build 22 new, efficient coal fired power plants:

Yes “Clean Coal” technology will be employed,

They are also planning to shut down 100 old and inefficient plants:

Wartsila is looking at Ammonia as a fuel for it’s engines:,-Wärtsilä’s%20recent%20experiments&text=Ammonia%20can%20be%20created%20with,a%20cleaner%20and%20sustainable%20world.

PS> Ammonia can also be used to power fuel cells.

What does “Zero Emission” really mean for the shipping industry?:

Is it just me or I just find it hard to swallow that the worst industry is going to pass all others and be zero emissions.

It could be “Only you”.
Not many people are a negative to everything as you.

I think the 2 sides of this argument are dreamland and reality
I fully expect you to post this headline one day…
By 2050 ships will float across the world on negative gravity machine and pushed by solar winds so they meet their zero emissions target

Aren’t they already doing that in Singapore?

Shippers and shipowners share costs of using Biofuel yo reduce GHG emission:

Isn’t that a kind of Mexican soup?

very hard to get anyone to define what biofuel is and what its carbon footprint actually is

Hyundai has obtained class approval in principle for Ammonia fueled ships:

While others are looking at Hydrogen as the future fuel for ships:

Maersk Drilling has a different idea of how to reach the goal of “Zero Emission”:

Even Del Monte is in on the act, with 6 new fuel efficient vessels for cooler container in the making;

The first ship, M/V Del Monte Gold, has already left the yard and presently passing through the Panama Canal:

LNG is NOT the future marine fuel but a blind track according to the latest IMO study:

May meet the present requirement for SOX and NOX reduction, but not a carbon free solution.
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all true and was never a secret but just seems more subterfuge from the shipping industry over a long period of time to do nothing and have excuses for why they have done very little?