Too old for MSC?

I’m 44 years old but I’m in excellent physical condition. Do I have chance to be hired as on OS? I know i can do the work. What do you guys think?

As I an sure you know, No company can use age,sex,religion or race as a basis upon which to hire someone.
Yea right, but from what I have seen and read on post here you stand as good a chance as the next guy.
Then again I am going to ask the Easter bunny to put a good word in with Santa Claus for me.
Good luck

no you are not to old waht do think MSC means (mostly seinor citzens) all kidding aside no problem .but just talked to a friend who is in the crew pool in san diego and he said there are so many people IN MSC trying to get on a boat waiting.and hes has 27 yrs in.