Tom Clancy Died

Doesn’t get better than Hunt for Red October. What’s your favorite Tom Clancy?


I would have like to have seen Montana…

All of it!!!

I like all of the Ryanverse books but my favorite is Without Remorse, because John Kelly (Clark) is a bad mo’fo!

I liked [I]Without Remorse[/I] also. More on the character development and less on the technology–hell, the book was set in the early 70’s. I liked [I]Debt of Honor[/I] too. Many times I’ve thought of the end of that book (and the beginning of [I]Executive Orders[/I]) and said, wouldn’t it be nice if nearly the entire federal government just…disappeared? Not necessarily the way it went down in the books, but the idea of starting over was kinda neat.

The earlier Ryanverse books were the best IMO, but it did become clear as the series went along that Clancy wasn’t really on top of his game. The extremely stilted and gratuitous sex scene in [I]The Bear and the Dragon[/I] comes to mind.

Either way, RIP Tom Clancy.

Clear and present danger the book was like reading 4 books in one. Too bad they couldn’t fit it all into the movie