Thoughts and concerns of the new Regimental Administrators at SUNY Maritime


[QUOTE=tugsailor;156398]Anyone who can get into KP can also get into all of the state schools.

If I were a young guy and had the chance to go to KP, I would take it. However, if I were going to pick a state school, my priority list would be; GLMA, CMA, MaineMA, MassMA, TMA, and dead last SUNY.

I vote with my wallet. If I were asked to help pay for a kid in the family to go to an academy, he would be on his own if he insisted on SUNY. I would not be willing to help pay Hanpf’s salary.[/QUOTE]

SUNY Maritime does offer 1 advantage for kids majoring in engineering. The offer a wider choice of engineering majors than some of the other schools. You can major in electrical or mechanical engineering. These are readily usable in many industries. They also offer facilities engineering. That’s sort of like marine engineering but attuned to land based employment.

If a kid hates the regiment stuff, he can drop the license program and become a regular student. If he can commute, he can also save a whole bunch over room and board. Regiment kids are required to board. It’s one of only 2 public colleges in the NYC area to offer engineering. The next closest is Stony Brook, well out on Long Island.


I graduated with Catie in 1985 and she was a great person back then. Regardless of what type of job she is doing now and how you feel about her, those thoughts do not belong in a public forum like this. How would you feel if these discouraging comments were directed at you? I listened to your facebook videos Konrad about getting a job. What did you say, “Be a gentlemen.” Shame on you and all of you who negatively commented here, regarding one of your own! Let’s try acting like ladies and gentlemen.


WHAT??? What did John say about Hanft. I just read all the comments he was the only one defending her.

You’re coming-on Konrad’s forum to defend a “classmate” who allowed torture of her prisoners. And you attack the only person who defender her?

And you do realize that nobody gave a shits about her until you came here and bumped this post.

With friends like you Hanft doesn’t need enemies!

Go back to your cave you troll.


They haven’t fired that tool yet?? WTF is that bronx clown school thinking?


What did I say that was negative?
I don’t recall saying anything about her.
What specifically did I say?


She is a public servant.
She works at a public school.
There was a public court case about her treatment of prisoners
She has humiliated students on public property.
She has kicked out students for chickenshit reasons that are now etched on their public school record.

Why can’t we post about her here?


As I recall, the story was that she was mistreating tuition paying students (customers) at a taxpayer (the rest of us) supported college.

As a result of the terrible reputation that she quickly earned for SUNY and the complaints by desperate students posted here, SUNY put a muzzle and a leash on her. The complaints and discussion stopped. If there was any merit to the complaints (and I suspect there was merit) she should have been fired and sued.

This forum did an excellent job of helping SUNY resolve a very bad situation.


I heard Rick Smith left for Tote and she is now the Commandant :flushed:


Supposedly he’s only gone till SST starts.


I am prospective student as I had just been accepted to Maine and SUNY, coming in as a military veteran transfer student for Marine Transportation, I am carefully weighing in my decision. Frankly, this is all incredibly disconcerting to read but sadly I am very used to this kind of environment. I wonder, however, where my educational benefits and my money will be better spent…Are the graduating pass rates within the proper amount of time still that low? Is the quality of life still abysmal? Are these schools still in the interests of shaping future Mariners to become effective and efficient in the workforce by providing the necessary environment and tools to succeed?


At SUNY, If you’re a vet you’ll be a day student and will have nothing to worry about. It’s more like dress up than anything else. Wear a uniform everyday and go to a few formations a week and that’s it. The SST requires you to be back with the general population but it’s not really that bad. You should have no problem graduating on time if you study and make sure you take the classes you need as early as possible. Failing a license class or cruise are the two things that get people in trouble.


I see, well that is a bit of a relief. I’ve read about some abysmally low percentages when looking into SUNY at USnews, collegefactual, and on the forums which promted me to question which was the right choice.


I say have at her and screw this tool greglyon

btw, the hideous creature actually can be seen screeching on YouTube in this vid

Bill Halsey’s ghost has committed suicide finding out this thing was a captain in that same once sane Navy he was so proud to serve


I would like to see that poster. I was there in the sixtys. From what I see in class there has to be a big change in attitude in some of these kids. Crowley has been making the rounds of all the schools, telling us that they don’t send anyone from the schools to their fleet without vetting them first. MM&P the same. It wasn’t always like that. We were all green when we graduated, but we we were safe to be left alone on the bridge.People sign night orders, then ignore them. Basically if you do what you are told, be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there, you’ll get through the place with no issues. A lot of these kids aren’ t used to that.
It’s true, that shined shoes, hair cuts, made racks isn’t going to save the world, but following orders and doing your job has to start somewhere.

When you don’t even want to buy the course text for you professional courses, you don’t belong in the industry.
Very few of us liked the “happy horse shit”, but it had a purpose.

I’ll leave you folks be.
Safe trip to all.


I’ve never been to a maritime academy so it might be different, but the cost of books is out of control at universities. I did whatever I could to not spend $200 on some book we might use twice to give the greedy universities and professors even more money. Those weasels would even try to make you buy the University’s edition of the book, or the newest edition, which were almost exactly the same as the regular/previous edition. Some of the professors admitted the scam, and tried to help the students out by not requiring a book or letting us get the cheapest possible version.

So that might be why the students at maritime academies don’t want to buy the course texts. The cost of tuition is already out of control at most of the academies, just like regular universities.


I know at KP, we would “recycle” books. I have a couple to this day that were at the end of their life cycle with many stencils from previous users.


Well SST is over and the school year has started but she is still Commandant


What are your issues with her?

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