Thou shall not pass

The technical issue here is irrelevant.

Your vessel is equipped with an ECDIS system.
The back-up system is a paper chart folio, published by The Admiralty.
All electronic and paper charts, for the service area of the vessel, are current and up to date and fully compliant.

Due to a technical issue, the vessel has to transit to a port, outside of its normal operating area, so that the vessel can be dry-docked and repairs undertaken.

It was found that the vessel did not have electronic or paper charts covering the sea passage to the drydock port.

The sister vessel had very recently completed the very same sea passage and has all of the required paper and electronic chart; transfers could be available.

The paper charts and storage device containing the electronic charts required will be handed over to you by the Agent, acting on behalf of the Ship Manager.

Consider your response as:
. Master
. Navigation Officer

Great! Charts mostly corrected and a voyage plan probably laid out. Sounds like a great idea.


How can you update your ecdis yet dont have the ability to download a chart?