This is probably a stupid question

I am new and trying to break into the seafaring industry just recently acquired my Merchant Mariners Credentials and my TWIC card,
and am now applying for jobs, one of the places I was trying to apply to was g&h towing, i was filling out the application when I came to the part where it was asking me for the info on my merchant mariners credentials the question that stopped me from filling out the application completely was MMD: endorsements I was wondering should I leave that blank or should I write something in that little rectangular block.

Just write OS if you want. You don’t really have any seatime or training so they’ll understand that you completely green. If they need you they’ll take you if not then they won’t.

Typical starting MMC endorsements are: OS, Wiper, FH (food handler). I’m not sure if you can get VPDSD, even if you take the one day course for it, without some seatime. I think you could get an STCW endorsement for BT (formerly BST, if you take the five day course. Don’t ask me for the STCW code number for BT.

You can get VPDSD without sea time.