Third A/E to Stationary Engineer

I have heard people talk about how a Third Assistant Engineer license can cross-over to a Stationary engineer/ boiler room/ powerplant license. Was wondering if anyone has done this or has any insight on how/what credentials or exams you need for an land operator engineer. State licenses? Is there a union for Stationary engineers that helps with the process? Ive heard hospitals, hotels, big buildings, malls have them. What is the pay like and job outlook for crossover from Third A/E on ships?

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I use to know it all but that was a few years ago. State licenses factor in some places, others, if you have license in hand and have a chat with the employer and pass , that might be all it takes. some jobs are hard to fill, like running the power plant on Adak, !!

It varies by states. Some states have strict licenses to operate boilers, and some states require no license at all. Nuke plants will require going through their training program.