Thinking moving abroad (Italy--->?)

Hello everybody, naval architect from Italy here.

I 'm 30yo, I hold a Master+phd in naval architecture/marine eng. (here we don’t made distinction between the two). I’ve been working for a year in a well known shipping company in my country. I’m in the technical office-new building, we work both on the tech aspects of our fleet (maintenance, renowation, docks, bureaucracy…) and in the new buildings ( project definition, negotiations with the shipyard, drawings approval, construction surveillance …). So every day is different from the previous, a lot of work, much travel, long hours and pressure.

The downside is that the pay is crap, literally. My gross salary is 21k per year, and all my eng. colleagues are under 30k per year. This is my country can be obtained by every clerk or shop assistant, with a less demanding job. It’s frustratingshowbox

Really, the stress, the anxiety, to be far from home, sometimes for months, it’s not worth. I’m planning either to change career altogether or to give a try, maybe abroad.

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For the USA, NA/ME employment stats are available here: Marine Engineers and Naval Architects : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

If you’re working in-house, you can expect the exact same frustrations you have now, only for higher pay.

If you were looking to jump to a design job, so many of the design firms are reliant on government contracts with U.S. citizen requirements that finding employment as a non-USC could be tough.

In another thread you said you work an IT Help Desk job, what do you actually do?

Look into the definition of the word, “literally.”