Personally, I wouldn’t say anything other than “I need to take an extended leave of absence to sort some family issues out.”

You can then ask what the steps are to stay on/get back on the books until you’re clean. Do they have non-sailing dues?


The very definition of TMI!
You have a family issue/health issue/whatever and can’t sail until X day. Get straight, get back on the list, and then go.

  • I am pretty sure everyone else has times they can’t go for 101 reasons like their wife fell down a well and needs rescuing, their ex-wife fell down a well and they’re afraid she’ll get out, etc, etc,
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Absolutely this!

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Yea don’t do that. Do they even care that you aren’t ready to go back?

Less is more. Most Companies have a leave of absence policy. Request that and then once you can pass the test go back to work. You don’t have to justify why you need it to anyone.

Glad you’re back on track!

Imagine being your employer and you called and said “I can’t come back to work because I can’t pass a drug test.”

Ever consider that this isn’t the line of work for you?