The Solar Eclipes - Joke

Been feeling guilty because it’s been a while since I’ve posted so I asked the bosun for his best material. Here’s what he dragged up :cool:

[B][I]The Captain’s note to the Chief Officer[/I]
Early in the morning there will be a total solar eclipse at 09.00 hours.
This is something that cannot be seen every day, so let the crew line up
in their best clothes on deck in order that they may see it. To mark this
rare phenomenon I will myself explain it to them. If it is raining, we will
not be able to see it clearly. In that case the crew should gather in the

[B][I]The Chief Officer’s note to the First Officer[/I]
On Captain’s orders there will be a total solar eclipse early tomorrow morning
at 09.00 hours. If it is raining we will not be able to see it clearly from
the deck in our best clothes. In that case the sun’s disappearance will be
fully observed in the messroom. This is something which does not happen

[B][I]The First Officer’s note to the Second Officer[/I]
On Captain’s orders we shall fully observe in our best clothes that the sun
disappears in the messroom at 09.00 hours. The Captain will tell us if it is
going to rain. This is something that does not happen every day.

[B][I]The Second Officer’s note to the Bosun[/I]
If it is raining in the messroom early tomorrow, which is something that does
not happen every day, tha Capatain in his best clothes will disappear at
09.00 hours.

[B][I]The Bosun’s note to the crew[/I]
Early tomorrow at 09.00 hours the Captain will disappear. It is a pity that this
does not happen every day.[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

Excellent! Laughing so much my sides are splitting lmfao