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Property taking a hit, no doubt a lack of mainland Chinese money

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Is the market up or down? Depends on your point of view and whether you are buying new or resale units.
Sentosa Cove flats are from 2006-11, so not in the new flat category, but they are in the CCR:
“Core Central Region (CCR) prices are coming down, due to recent cooling measures”.

Source: Are We In A Property Buyer's Or Seller's Market?

Imagine moving in next door and paying half your neighbour did in 2010…
I wonder how nervous the banks are with their reality shock of the market value?
It is Sentosa though Mr Ezra lost an estimated 20 mill on his fire sale house.

maybe like China, the locals just bought properties too soon, now have to wait 30 years for the value to equal what they paid

Change of PM in Singapore will take place 15. May this year:

If you ask yourself and any Singaporean what they will remember him for as PM, I cant think of anything
I have been asking the locals, not got a answer yet

Supplying a vessel at the Singapore anchorage as done for the last 100 years using a “Bumboat” as spotted last Tuesday from the ROLLDOCK SKY.

But also spotted supply of small items to a vessel at the anchorage using a drone:

Text & Photo: Piet Sinke (c)

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Today is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in Singapore: Dragon Boat Festival.

It is as much about food as it is about boat race:

Singapore and Norway = :heart: :

Source: 🇳🇴 New partnership to strengthen Norwegian-Singaporean ties - ArcticToday

Strangely they seem to have been overlooked in the test electric port vessels in Singapore?
Maybe they knew what there were doing as the ones that got the contract have never built anything electric.
I have seen the new boat being tested…it does about 4kts each time I see it…

Just about headlines…

You have to start somewhere.
Maybe that is why they oin forces with Norwegian companies that have some experience?

Yes but they didnt start there did they?
Maybe they have seen the light, start take 2?

Has anyone except ombugge and powerabout ever posted in this discussion (other than me, right now)?

Up until you turned up we were splitting the money 50:50 lol

You can keep my 1/314th share…