The Singapore way

These “Council Flats” in Tiong Bahru are among the oldest in Singapore… They were built between 1936 and1954, but modernized several times since.
Have a look around in the neighbourhood:

They are popular among the “trendy” and certain expats:
PS> Mostly 99-yr leasehold

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Who did it best?

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Redneck mansion, aka “Singapore by the Mississippi”?

Holiday Trav-L-Park 2018 Weekend Events
Hot Dang! Comb your mullet, shine up your tooth and paint the campground REDNECK! White trash DJ pool party, Red Neck site decorating contest, Bubba’s hayride, “Git ur Dun” bingo, road kill hunt, best decorated golf cart parade, Best Redneck outfit contest, toilet seat toss, contests and more. Enter in the “Ms Holiday Trailer Park Trash” Contest! … Access Doc

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Singapore 50 years ago:

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Sorry about the inflation so we printed more money to give it away to reduce the inflation problem…

More nostalgia from Singapore of my youth:

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Singapore students did it again:

The Red Dot has moved back to its first-place position in all three subjects covered in the study – reading, science and mathematics – after being ranked second behind China in 2018

Official PISA 2022 results: