The Singapore way

I carried JP4 from Nha Be to Can Tho (via Mekong, the crossover canal and down Hua River) back in them days, so I do know a bit about the danger of avgas.

You are right; liquid fuels doesn’t burn, but the vapor that comes off them are explosive.
When mixed with the right proportion relative to oxygen, that is. (“Basic knowledge my dear Hastings”)

PS> Actually the return voyage with empty tanks and no inert gas system.

I don’t know what you make of anything, except that it is probably negative.

hopelessly inefficient;:
Has any plane had to taken off without getting fuel at Changi?

About 13miles of pipeline would do it:
Are you talking about Pasir Gudang or maybe Tg. Langsat?
39 min (47.8 km) via AYE and ECP.

your digging a deeper hole…
Jp4 ( although it does have gasoline in it, plus 50% kero) is not avgas

Jp4 is for turbines ( US Mil ones) Avgas is for piston engines and far more volitile. I hope you didnt mix them up?

Big planes in the old days and pumped under cities for sure.

Avgas is one type of Aviation Fuel:
Aviation fuels are petroleum-based fuels, or petroleum and synthetic fuel blends, used to power aircraft. They have more stringent requirements than fuels used for ground use, such as heating and road transport, and contain additives to enhance or maintain properties important to fuel performance or handling.

Jet Fuel 4 (JP4):
JP-4 used to be the primary jet fuel for the USAF but was phased out in the 1990s because of safety problems. A few airforces around the world still use it but there is very little production.

That make sense. Why change a car after 5 years and pay high COE to buy a new when there are still 5 years left on the existing COE?
Spend some money on thorough servicing and “upgrade”.
If a new colour, or new trimmings and gadgets are what you like, why not splurge your “hard earned $$” on impressing your colleges, friends and family.

You are probably familiar with the Hokkien term “Kiashu”?

I wonder how this will work out when its all EV’s
The 2nd hand value will be almost non existant for those that keep renewing so residual value will be low.
Will you need to pay to scrap?
What will happen to all the batterys in Singapore? ( Imagine across Asia)

its all up, do you get prize money for being the most expensive place to do anything?

its lease hold, they are giving them back one day

It will take a while before you have to worry about that:

No, you gets paid for either exporting or scrapping used cars in Singapore:

From the article:

Singapore has a world class Public Transport System, so you don’t need a car to get around easily:
Personally I didn’t have a car after 1994.

The leases run for 99 years so you got some years left before the first HDB leases are up:
HDB Public Housing 1960 – 1980 | The First Two Decades — Docomomo Singapore.

HDB flats can be sold and purchased like other property, with some restrictions:

HDB has a “Buy back Scheme” for older lease holders who downgrade to smaller flats, or move in with their children:

Some of the older blocks have been either demolished, refurbished, or made into rental blocks,
That doesn’t mean that HDB just “take back” the flats with no compensation?:

Only because they have value overseas, (or your in the pro-rata coe refund zone), 2nd hand EV, how will they look as a grey market import to another country?
If the car is scraped and plenty exist the local exporter might dismantle it for parts.
When they are old and low value they might get crushed, you pay for that.

The value starts dying after a few decades as you cant borrow money when only 30 years remain nor can you use your cpf/pension fund as a deposit
Private leasehold has been taken back for zero, tenants kicked out, will that be the SOP for HDB?
Nobody knows what will happen to HDB

You should tell the locals, traffic jams are a feature of Singapore roads, you pay extra to drive on a conjested road, pretty funny when you think about it.
They are spending lots on infrastructure, new underground lines have been a constant for 20 years.
One going under Loyang Avenue now, not many passengers for that?

I presume you have been to Jakarta, KL, Bangkok??
Have you tried getting about in any of these places during rush hours?
If you have that should make you appreciate the orderly, efficient but expensive Singapore.

You are right on one thing; nobody know what will happen in the future. (Except you and the “Knights of the Round table” at the Marinas, I presume?)

Not many EVs ready for scrapping in Singapore yet, but when that time comes these guys would be able to tell you the value, one way or the other:

Guide to Singapore by a Nomade:

Costs are hitting everyone, even the gov is raising rents and they control lots of property.

This is not some futuristic dream, it exists:

PS> We used to life across the road from where the Interlace is today (in Alexandra Park, 1975-80)

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