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This is about the availability of Dormitory accommodation for foreign workers and the high cost of alternative accommodations.

I read about this when CNA had in a more detailed article about this subject a few days ago:

your right, there is no viable business plan so they are getting money from the gov to invent one as everyone knows its currently not viable.
Every one is jumping in on the act and creating consortiums with anything electric.( companies with bling green names that have never actually done anything for example)

They built a huge amount of new accommodation during covid as they knew all the dorm operators are doing scams by hot bunking beds sometines 3 shifts, 12 guys to 4 beds so if they closed down the ship building the foreign workers wouldnt fit in the dorms, so now its back to maximum profit they cant say they are short of rooms.
Saying that the Americans I worked with on the drill rig were shocked at how many thousands of workers where living under cardboard in the shipyards.
But at the lower end of the market you can put a foreign worker in cardboard kennel anywhere.
Pathetic that was ever allowed
Its all about profit.

Did you mean these companies?:

Or is that just your negative view of everything happening in Singapore, or Asia in general

If nothing else you should know something about this partner:

Yes I know lots about Strategic
The gov handing out money so they are all queing up.
If they announced they would be powered by fairy dust I’m sure you would believe it.

You love trawling the internet, look up data on the electric companies and what they have delivered, if anything ever?
Saying that they dont have to invent anything to make one of these old boat electric BUT doing it at a price the industry can deal with is looking impossible at the moment and the battery will be huge.

Singapore is now refulling ships with lng, methanol etc but do any tugs run on that in their own port? (2)
Lng diesels have been around for a very long time, used on many offshore platforms BUT std diesel cheaper so thats what Singapore has.

There are/were many things they could of done years ago.
Fixing traffic congestion as every country knows does wonders for pollution, Singapore has added a massive amount of traffic lights so traffic is slower then ever.
So its all about headlines.

Yes: VESSEL REVIEW | JMS Sunshine – Hybrid LNG-powered tug for Singapore's Jurong Marine Services - Baird Maritime

Singapore was first in the world to introduce “congestion charges” to reduce traffic jam (1975
and Electronic Road pricing (1998) to cover major highways as well:

I presume you know about the COE (Certificate of Entitlement) and why it was implemented (1990)?
(No it was NOT to fill the Government coffers):

PS> When COE-scheme was first implemented then PM Goh Chok Tong made a comment; “There is no reason why every Singaporean can own a car, as long as they just keep it in their driveway and polish it every Saturday, not drive it on our congested roads”

Where do you get the best interest rates on your savings in Singapore?
On your CPF account that is where

What is a CPF (Central Provident Fund) account?:

PSA also have one PSA Aspen from a few years ago, it stayed tied to the dock for years, appears to be working now. Grant to build it no doubt, I wonder if its using lng or full diesel?
Then they built another PSA Marvel then the next 6 built 2020 and 2021/2 are diesel fuel
Whats the message there?

Most of the traffic congestion is commercial vehicles, the gov loves high density building but did they assume everything going in and out of a factory was on bicycles.
The industrial areas, although very nice all have major road issues where they connect back to the road system. Very poor planning in just about all cases and getting worse every day.

Now they are building yet another port and guess what the warehousing is not at the port, like DOH they must be making so much money off road transports the keep inventing it ( no regard for emissions clearly)
What long term planning went into that? Trucks will be moving an increasing number of containers all over Singapore as logistics are placed everywhere in Singapore
There are lots of very poor design inefficiency’s in Singapore, clearly some by industry lobby or the decision to create jobs.
Changi airport built on a green field site that you can almost see a refinery yet all fuel comes by ship.
How to explain that?

and the rate of inflation in Singapore?
There is a reason only the bottom 90% pay cpf

The refinery you can almost see from Changi Airport is in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.
The refineries in Singapore are on the opposite side of the island (In Jurong, on Pulau Bukom & Jurong Island)
It makes total sense to transport by ship, not by road. (Less pollution and less road traffic congestion)

PS> At the old airport at Paya Lebar, there were no option but road transport. That was one of the considerations when it was decided to build Changi Airport, together with ECP. (both on newly reclaimed land) to improve the road conditions and reduce tra time to/from the airport from CBD.
BTW; PIE and TPE also feed into Changi Airport from the rest of the island. (Now also the MRT)

For those not familiar with the Expressway and MRT systems in Singapore:

Crikey, so you dont know that 99% of airports in the world have piped fuel out of necessity and Singapore has refinery’s closer than most, its hard to believe some if it is not by pipe I dont think there are enough ships every day to do it. A quick calc says over 10,000 tons a day

A pipeline carrying highly flammable Aviation fuel from one side of densely populated Singapore to the other? You must be joking.
I know there are a sewage tunnel that goes from east to west, but that is not quite the same

So 1 x >10K dwt product tanker will do.

The actual daily supply of aviation fuel per day (in 1000 Bbls @0.8 Sp.g.):

Source: Singapore Jet fuel consumption - data, chart |

jet fuel, kerosene, pipes are running most places to airports, its not that dangerous in cool liquid, drop a match in it and it will go out.
Do you think there is a line of tanker trucks going to every airport, lol how many semi trailers for each jumbo?
Most airports were built decades ago with multiple sources for redundancy
The USA still has gasoline in pipelines running across the country.
Most countrys have gas pipelines everywhere both low and high pressure
In the old days it would have been av gas, if we survived that then jet fuel is a walk in the park.
For example

Singapore’s Changi Airport to Go Passport-Free with Biometrics in 2024:

Source: Singapore's Changi Airport to Go Passport-Free with Biometrics in 2024