The Problem of American Storms, A, J. Myer and theTelegraph

I was third mate on the A.J. Myer some time back. Never wondered where the name came from.

Paine’s bill caught the attention of Army officer Albert J. Myer, who saw in it a much-needed opportunity. Myer was the chief of a small and rather obscure bureau known as the Signal Corps, which had overseen communications and information systems for Union forces but was now languishing without a clear mission. With the war over, Congress had cut the Signal Corps’s requested budget in half; Corps men were being forced to practice their signaling exercises with salvaged materials in the abandoned Forts Whipple and Greble. A former military surgeon, Myer had only rudimentary training in weather observation, but he did understand telegraphy, and he knew a win-win situation when he saw one.

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This is interesting, some telegraph operators were the first to catch on the usefulness of the telegraph to make weather forecasts.

no one was thinking about what this incredible new device might mean for the weather. But newly employed telegraph operators with time on their hands quickly caught on. Jeptha Homer Wade, one of the founders of Western Union, would later recall:

I commenced operation in a telegraph office in 1846. With the small amount of commercial business then on the lines, the employees had less to do than they have now, and it was quite common for the operators in different parts of the country to enquire of each other about the weather, such as the direction and force of the wind as nearly as we could guess it, together with the temperature and its changes from time to time at different points. . . . I would frequently write upon the bulletin board in my office, what and when weather changes were coming. Frequently this was with such accuracy as to create considerable comment and wonder.

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Your post compelled me to look up the namesake of my first USNS ship, the former USS KANE. Likewise I never wondered where the name came from at the time.
Elisha Kent Kane was an instrumental Navy officer, surgeon, explorer and lecturer.

The 2nd and I both played guitar. He dubbed our band the “Kane Mutiny”

The politics of naming US Navy ships: