The Peanut Gallery is hiring

courses_deck_vacancy_notice.pdf (37.6 KB)

IF you paid 6 figures AND you didn’t have to work with government employees AND you didn’t have to live in West Virginia MAYBE you might have eligible candidates NMC.


Ah.yes … West Virginia, where most deck officers with experience dream of living.

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Anyone else note the irony of the constant chorus of needing mariners at NMC, and now belittling an opportunity for a mariner to go there? “I didn’t mean In would go there…”

It ain’t Mingo County. It’s a suburb of Washington and Baltimore.


That’s like saying Baltimore is a DC suburb. DC is a lot closer to Baltimore than Martinsburg and half the drive time. It’s not like living near DC is a real life style plus either.

There is no irony, just the fact that not many people who enjoyed the relative freedom and benefits of a life at sea and may have other options care to move to that area and subject themselves to the kind of living and working conditions that go along with being a government drone in a place like Martinsburg.

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Its like SEC investigating guys on Wall Street - it’s a joke. Why would you work for the SEC when you can make more money in the same industry. The money is a crucial factor. Not too mention, I refuse to stick up for these guys. They’ve made it virtually impossible to go through the hawsepipe and the majority that I have dealt with don’t have any idea what they are talking about. I hope they find good candidates but if history is any indication of the future, our Mariners will continue to be in a for a huge disapointment.

They built a brand new building in West VA in 2010 (to my knowledge because a senator lived there) so they will use all means to justify using it. Hindsight is 20/20 but hey maybe it would have been a good idea to put this building in a Major port city…New York, Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles are a few that come to mind…not West Virginia. I like money, but I think you’d have a hard time getting me or anyone I know to relocate to West Virginia.

With that being said, I am rooting for them to get it together.

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Houston would have been a great location for it as well.

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His application was most likely denied , and this post made him feel better about himself

That’s probably it. It’s the only plausible reason I’d delete a post in a thread about the Coast Guard and NMC.

That job DOES pay six figures…

Not initially for a new government employee. Including the applicable locality pay, the salary for GS-13 Step 1 is a little less than $100K. (despite NOT being a suburb, Martinsburg gets DC “locality pay”). The high end of the stated pay range is for GS-13 “Step 10.” However, experienced mariners have successfully negotiated starting at higher than Step 1 based on the salary they made at the pay grade. Initially they happen every year, then progressively less often)

Wow, Baltimore and DC…I would take rural WV (heck ANYPLACE) over Baltimore/DC. If you can’t shoot claybirds off your back porch, be fishing in 5 minutes, and avoid those BS “developments” and HOA’s with their ridiculous rules…forget it. Just my opinion, of course.

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You don’t have to live in West Virginia, just close enough to commute to Martinsburg. I believe it’s about 30 minutes from Winchester, VA right up an interstate.

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Nmc recommends electronic submittal, I send mine off via scanning in PDF form and emailing. Seems they would have a lot more eligible candidates if they allowed people to do this remotely, which correct me if I’m wrong, you could most definitely do remotely. But they have to justify spending all that money on their brand new building.

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This has been discussed numerous times on here already, that job ad ISN’T HIRING EVALUATORS.

It does seems like an odd choice of locations for a Coast Guard facility theoretically intended to serve mariners. The RECs weren’t exactly user friendly but at least they were in ports where you could walk in and feel worthy enough to talk to a human being face to face.
I do have a bone to pick with the NMC anyway because when my file was sent to them from the Houston REC, it vanished (although it did turn up after a while). It was not critical to me as I was retiring and applying for continuity but the repercussions of a lost file for an active seafarer could turn out to be more than a mere inconvenience to him/her.
The temporary loss of my physical file stopped the process dead in its tracks. I can’t imagine that the paper files are not backed up on computer databases. jdcavo?

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I have a feeling this job may not be for you with all this stuff, like peanut gallery thread title, more eligible candidates, brand new building statements etc… I wish you luck but still…

You seem to think saying “no” to both the chairman and ranking member of the appropriations committee was a viable option for the Coast Guard. How naïve.

Electronic submittal of what…? Applications? Did you read the announcement? It has nothing to do with mariner applications.

He appears to think they’re hiring evaluators with that announcement.

Hence my question. If they can’t get a mariner to WV for a six-figure salary, what chance do they have for a GS-7 evaluator position paying half as much?