The only floating zip code in the United States

Apparently, they have trouble finding qualified workers. Anyone…?
Here’s their website:

Thanks for posting. That’s a great story, and an interesting business. Sadly, it is not without its dangers. The vessel was sunk in 2007, with the loss of two crew. Glad it is still in service.

It’s not the only floating zip code. At least Every U.S. Navy USS and USNS has a zip code.

It’s not the only “floating zip code”. At least every U.S. Navy USS and USNS has it’s own zip code.

Maybe you should correct the NYT.

[QUOTE=Quimby;189501]Maybe you should correct the NYT.[/QUOTE]

Correcting all their mess would take the rest of my life! Actually, I searched around for a way to reach-out to them or the author and it wasn’t that straight forward. Add my sketchy Philippines-rain-soaked-brown-out-laced WIFI connection, and I gave-in. There’s some really good cerveza and rhum that require my attention…:wink:

Ya that is a bit silly. Usually they have the author’s email attached to the article. Maybe you need to be a paid subscriber.

JW Wescott is a pretty cool little business, although somewhat obsolete now. I used to get my mail sent there before I had auto pay on my bills. Aside from mail delivery, you can call them on the radio to set up delivery of newspapers, cigarettes, various geedunck stuff etc.