The NMC could learn some lessons from Distric 14

I just had a very pleasant phone call from a Public Affairs officer in Honolulu, from District 14. Earlier today I sent an email asking about the sinking of the “Cape Elizabeth”.

This gentleman called just to let me know they were working on my question, didn’t have anything for me yet, but he wanted to make sure I didn’t feel as if my question “had disappeared into the internet somewhere”.

How I wish he would train the folks at NMC in customer service! Why one branch can be so good while another sucks so hard is beyond me. I know NMC’s turnaround time has improved greatly, but their phone support folk are the pits, usually. Not always, of course, in case someone wants to flame me on this.

Kudos to the public info people at District 14, Honolulu!

I Second that Capt. Doug.

I have had an application in reconsideration for ten months now that seems pretty straightforward to me.Every four weeks or so I get a letter requesting more information,and I submit it within a week.Four weeks later repeat the same letter,etc.etc.Six weeks now since my last info was sent to them.
Called three weeks ago and she said it is awaiting a signature.
Emailed last week and No response.

I remember in the old days if the REC had an Issue they would discuss it and request what they needed and finish the business.I hear the stories about quick turnaround but I have not seen any turn around at all.:mad:

A voice mail to my evaluator left two weeks ago is still unanswered.