The Merchant Marine Is Of Critical Importance Says US SECDEF Mattis At Kings Point Graduation

So you have all the tools and laws in place. What’s the problem?

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Fucking Norwegians.


Off TOPIC!!!

Don’t know, politics. MARAD has the MSP, Marine Security Program, ships that are considered "militarily useful get so-called “slots” which entitles them to the ODS payments.

Companies control the slots, if a ship with a slot is flagged out another approved ship has to be flagged in.

Military likes the PCTCs. I’ve been sailing them for 20+ years.

To me it sounds like the people that decides has everything exactly as they like it.

I’m not sure what c.captain is after but it’s not realistic. To have a fleet you need to keep it trading, I’m working on a ship out of layup right now, it was 2 years inactive and we have used rediculus long time bringing it back to the standard it kept before layup. A cold stacked or semi cold stacked fleet of vessels is just wasting money.

USA must use a shitload of money preparing for WW3 when the rest of us are just wondering what the hell is happening.

I’m not really in the loop, I figure “they” must know how to work a spreadsheet.

I get sent a schedule and I run it.

Two of my favorite topics are how to avoid typhoons and drawing Great Circle tracks with a steel ruler.

Looks to me like the majority of ships in the MSP are foreign built, owned and operated by US subsidiaries of foreign companies: (pdf MSP Participants 7-1-2017)
It must be attractive terms offered for this service??

Don’t know, companies claim it’s too low, government claims it’s too high.

With regard to the plugging a tell-tale you’ve got a good point there but a well trained and involved unlicensed guy is worth his/her weight in platinum.

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Maybe the bugge will enlighten is as to what benefits Norway’s second registry offers to entice shipowners. Maybe the government can expand MSP to cover the expense of American officers in the name of national security.

No one, the RRF ships should be scrapped.

Foreign ships can fill in for the American ships that get called to serve the war effort. RRF as are just about the stupidest idea of a boondoggle even contrived. Try to come up with a plan that doesn’t involve them and people night actually take you seriously.

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Wasn’t the ODS scrubbed in the early nineties and the MSP program rolled out to take its place. One old captain I sailed with told me he’d taken a 40% pay cut overnight, kept his job, and was just then (mid 2000’s) back near what he was making then without adjusting for inflation. The money was apparently very good under ODS both for the companies it kept on life support all those years and the sailors who rode the wave of great American shipping companies like Sealand, U.S. Lines, Lykes Bros., Farrell, American Export, Waterman, APL, etc.

Greed and the march of time took its course and there is very little left to what was once a great Maritime nation.

Here is the word from the horses mouth: (Unread, it is getting late)

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Thanks for contributing useful information. I find this line very interesting:

“The NMA offers a competitive reimbursement schemes for the employment of Norwegian seafarers in order to preserve Norwegian maritime expertise and a competitive framework for shipowners.”

net pay scheme

You have to use Google translate but I find it very useful. Just ask if you are stuck on words.

A lot of the words is tax related so some of you will shut down automatically, but I would think some here will power true.

I’m not sure, that’s why I pay into the PCF, they can figure it out.

Every MEBA ship I’ve sailed on has been all metric. Is there any deep sea US flag ship built since the C9s (1982-ish) that’s not all metric? Gray hulls I guess…

Point is, metric is not some uncrackable code that will prevent Americans from getting a ship underway.

I think he left off the /sarc tag…

not sure? how in the HELL can you not be sure?

I am advocating for more ships in the MSP which are vessels working globally manned 100% top to bottom with US citizen mariners plus I want the government to build ships which fill both DoD and commercial needs like the Mariner class C4s in the 1950s and get US operators to charter them at low rates and operate those globally manned 100% top to bottom with US citizen mariners and lastly to cease using foreign ships to carry even one tube of toothpaste for the DoD anywhere meaning more work for US flagged ships manned 100% top to bottom with US citizen mariners. Thousands of jobs for US citizen mariners will be created as a result leaving plenty of reserve mariners to call upon if the balloon goes up again someday and every ROS ship needs to be manned post haste.

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such a veritable genius you are! scrap every ship in the US reserve inventory and replace them with ??? please enlighten us oh great all knowing one?

and I am the one who cannot be taken seriously you say?