The Mental Battle of an Entrepreneur


I was going to shit on you for posting this as I was believing it was some spoof however I watched it all the way through and discovered the message in it which as an entrepreneur myself I live and relate to daily in my life. It is ALL about the dream and the passion and nothing else. You cannot slack off for one minute, hour or day…it becomes all you are because it is the only way for one to be all they hope to ever be…naysayers and detractors be damned!

An orator once said “if you have a business…you didn’t build that”!

He also said “If you like your doctor…you can keep your doctor…”


As someone that ran their own company, this video pretty much nailed it.

I owned and ran an Electrical Contracting Company in NJ and NY while still in my 20’s. A lot of my friends could not understand why I had to work all of those long hours just about 7 days a week. We also worked on Vessels as this was the way My Partner and I started out. For the most part I was a silent partner. I had the License but my partner handled the dealing with the customers for reasons that I will leave unsaid.

In order to be a Business Owner, you had better be ready to put your life on hold and put the hours in! They used to say Do Not plan on making a Profit for at least a year. This is something that I found to pretty much hit the mark. As for me I really enjoyed working for myself and had great pride in seeing my small company grow.

I tried to run it by myself after my partner stepped down but I was sailing 2 x 2 back then and it just did not work as my employees did not step up and do what needed to be done while I was gone. It broke my heart to have to shut it down but I will always be Proud of the fact that I did it and it was worth all of the sacrifices to make it work!

Anyone that tries and or succeeds in running their own business has my respect!