The Maritime Job Leads Thread


Oh I’m so glad I saw your post! I am also a nurse. rRN. And am looking to go back to sea. Before becoming a mother. Then nurse I sailed aboard MSC ships. The last being the Pawcatuck. I want to go back to where I started. A do over. If you get any leads please contact me. I will try to do same. Still learning how this site works! Best of luck to you shipmate!



McAllister hiring assistant engineers in NY

Prefer “recent maritime grads” which I take to mean under 30.

They are skirting the law with that preference, in my opinion. But if you are interested have at it.


From for Edison Chouest


I need a Captain for a Harbor tug. Part time, could lead to more.

North of Jacksonville, small port

200 T, MOT

PM me if interested

2000 HP, twin screw, Kort nozzles