The Maritime Job Leads Thread


Oh I’m so glad I saw your post! I am also a nurse. rRN. And am looking to go back to sea. Before becoming a mother. Then nurse I sailed aboard MSC ships. The last being the Pawcatuck. I want to go back to where I started. A do over. If you get any leads please contact me. I will try to do same. Still learning how this site works! Best of luck to you shipmate!



McAllister hiring assistant engineers in NY

Prefer “recent maritime grads” which I take to mean under 30.

They are skirting the law with that preference, in my opinion. But if you are interested have at it.


From for Edison Chouest


I need a Captain for a Harbor tug. Part time, could lead to more.

North of Jacksonville, small port

200 T, MOT

PM me if interested

2000 HP, twin screw, Kort nozzles


Annual Navingo Career Event for 2019 to be held in Rotterdam 23. May: