The Maritime Job Leads Thread


Day 4 of door knocking, total about 35 companies. Decided to get away from the supply companies directly involved in the oil industry. Got a job offer today for an AB spot. Finished the medical exam today and tomorrow is agility testing. Very nervous about that part. More details later, but I don’t want to jinx it.


Thanks for the update, I am probably going door knocking the end of October.


I understand this is a bad season to try to find work especially as an entry level deckhand, but is anybody hiring outside of the gulf or is it just dried up everywhere?


you can try Harley Marine, Crowley, Foss. Not sure who is hiring.


With the oil jobs collapsing it means all those more qualified people are scrambling to take any other jobs in any market. Entry level jobs are gone as licensed captains are working as deckhands just to feed their families. It’s not looking good for entry level right now.


New to the site, and the trade. Just searching for a company that will higher into entry level positions like wiper or os. Not worried much about pay or location just looking for seatime.


Anyone with an AB unlimited, I know the Northern Victor needs to fill a spot for the upcoming season. Based out of Seattle. You can google it or PM me and I can help you track it down. Just something I heard through the grapevine…


Based outta beaver fucking inlet! Lol


Screw that, might just as well be based out of a yeti’s asshole.


It’s deliver and fly…


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What up all?


I got an interview with millers launch in staten island does anyone know anything about them?


It’s a good place for you to get some experience.


sound good to me since you want to be local. Just nibble on the shit sandwich a bit to get your foot in the door; that means if the schedule or pay is a little different than what you expect, just deal with it for a while. Bad time for finding work in the biz right now, take what you can get and be glad it’s workboats and not passenger boats.

Not a bad place to start if they hire you.


“…be glad it’s workboats and not passenger boats.”

Damn, ain’t that the truth, especially when most of the crew are a passel of passengers, too…


Worked there as an OS years ago and it was a good place to start out.


Greetings All:

I am trying to crossover from OSV’s to towing vessels. I have minimal tug experience a western rivers TOAR, a partial oceans TOAR from a school, and a 200 GRT master license. I need a deckhand spot on a towing vessel. At nearly 60 and 170 lbs this seems like I am asking for the moon.

Anyone have a good lead where I can get on with a towing company?


Hey guys,

i’m new to this forum and am seeking some advice. I just received my Master 100 GRT Near Coastal with assisted towing. I’ve served 8 years in the USCG as a boatswains mate (currently E5, maybe E6 soon). I have one more year on my contract in which case I will be separating from the USCG and moving back to New Orleans. At that time I will be looking to get into the tug and barge industry. I have a couple of companies I’m interested in, (Florida Marine Transporters and Progressive Barge). I don’t have any tug or barge experience which leads me to my first question. Having a Masters of 100 GRT but no experience in this field what position would be reasonable for me to apply for? Obviously not master as I don’t have the experience but what about Mate or Apprentice Mate?
My next question is, knowing that I want to work in this industry, what can I do over the next year to get the most out of my license? Such as endorsements, STCWs, etc. I’ve read through the CFR and can’t seem to get a straight answer. I’ve had extensive training being in the USCG but I’m not sure which ones I can carry over to my license.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance to the input!


Longtime forum reader but never had a reason to post until now. Just passed my 500 Ton Master upgrade and will be moving up in the company I work for. Problem is I have to work my new/old hitch until I/they find an experienced crew boat captain to take my place. Anyone who is an [U]experienced[/U] crew boat captain in Louisiana waters with a 100 ton license can PM me for details. I hope this will help someone out who has been affected by the recent downturn. Thanks. -Ken