The Maritime Job Leads Thread


New forum poster- longtime reader.
As a newbie (I’m an OS) I was very excited to find the forum. The quality of the posts- and the knowledge held by those within has been a big help- thanks!

Like many here I’ve been applying like crazy- without a lot of apparent success. I’ll keep trying:)

I thought it would be a good Christmas idea to post and update companies that are currently hiring/advertising.

(I know I don’t have as much experience as some of you- and that many of the companies are hiring- but looking for someone more qualified)

Most recent ones I’ve applied for have been- $178 day

Igram barge line- deckhand $135 day

CSX- deckhand $15.76 hour

Chevron-hiring for OS, utility, messperson, also hiring for AB,3m, 3AE

Lastly- I’ve found that indeed is the best single place to search- try putting in terms like vessel, mmd, seafaring, etc

I figure most of you know about these openings- but hopefully this will be of help to someone.

Happy holidays! Anthony


Hey OS, welcome to the party! Thanks for the post. If your sharing helps someone get a job, that’s what this place is all about. Information is everything.


We are working on a Job board for gCaptain. As I see it now there are a half dozen sites that offer job listings. Some of them make employers pay and the other half make either the employers or canidates jump through hoops. Then their are the academy job sites which are open to alumni only (I0 years later and my log-in still doesn’t work at Schuyler’s site) or doesn’t consistently work (the best, Cal maritime’s hasn’t been updated in 1.5 months).
So we are going to creat a job board that’s free and easy for employers to post jobs AND free for mariners to view jobs. This way we hope to attract all employers and get the highest number of quality listings for our users. How will we make money? Same as here… banner ads to non-members and good word of mouth for our services at We are also playing with the idea of charging companies for “premium” featuers like searching resumes or “featured listings”.
What to you guys think?
The site is already built, we are just working out the bugs. If anyone is interested in participating in the Beta release (i.e. you get to use the job board in return for submitting bug reports) post a comment and I’ll add you to the list.


First off- found this-

Tug Master/Captain job on the Columbia river (Oregon/Washington)
Mail: Tidewater ATTN: Human Resources, PO Box 1210, Vancouver, WA 98666-1210
Fax: 360- 694-8981 Resumes will be accepted until position is filled.

Regarding your idea John-

I think it’s a great idea. I think the online trend is in this direction- free services adds to website traffic/stickability- which allows you make money off of ads. Google, myspace, craigslist and many others prove the superiority of this model- (yes- I have a marketing background)

And there is user loyalty- because the see you as someone who ads value to their lives- instead of trying to sell them something.

Will you do link exchanges? PPC? Monthly insertion fees? JV Marketing?

Count me in-I’m looking forward to seeing it- and wish you success.

Thanks again for creating this forum-Anthony


John,count me in…I’ll be actively looking in a few weeks…


Stabbert Maritime in Seattle. . Dive & survey boats as well as MegaYachts. Left Coast & GOM. They do pay 100% travel to/from vessel, 60/60 rotation (but somewhat flexible), standard benefits. Talk to Chela Muren - (206) 547-6161, (206) 383-1505.
I’d be curious to know how it goes.


I’m interested in a job board here, in fact I’ve hoped for it - so count me in. I’ll be needing it in a month or 2…


This is my first post. I’ll try to make it short. I had gotten out of the business for three years bad taste with last company. I had many years experienc in tugs,passenger, high speed ferry. No experience in icw but started applying around new orleans about one mouth ago. I was kind of picky no open water just inside work I did the heavy weather work when I was younger. My advice is get all your licenses, endorsments and resume so you can email and attach to online apps. I talked to about 30 companys.You have to keep calling the job I finally got, I had called at least every three or four days. Some of the best jobs I have gotten over the years is by persistance.


I’m in as well John


Put me on the list John.



Great! I’ve got everyone’s email written down and I’ll contact you when it’s ready for testing.

You are obviously better informed on monetization strategy than I. I had not heard about JV Marketing previously but it’s certainly interesting. Basically, we make very little money off gCaptain itself, in fact, I don’t really consider it “our site” rather it’s “your site”. We hope by making information free and easy to use the word will spread and our readers will tell their companies about our consulting and web development services… which we do make money on.
So, to answer your question… we’re not yet sure. One thought was to give the money back to you guys in the form of refferal fees. That is, give registered readers a % of any premium job listings they help us sell. Another idea is to have a Hot Tips newsletter or directory that works like this forum… I think we would have to charge a monthly fee for this service but could give free subscriptions to our top contributers.
You are right… nothing beats hard work and persistance!


I have master class 1 unlimited certificate from United Kingdom , 15 years on roro ships. I like to join the DP operator scheme but I need to find a DP vessel to do 1 month DP watchkeeper after the basic DP training , then 6 month after the advance training to obtain the DPO . I can not find a DP ship for training , any advice please


Since DP certificates are not needed for regulatory compliance you can still get a job without one. Your best bet is to look at the job board for DPO, 2/m or 3/m mate jobs in less desirable parts of the world. Companies have trouble finding qualified people to volunteer in these places and, for the most part, working in India/Indonesia/etc really isn’t so bad.


add me I’ll be looking soon


John, those ads always seem to want fully qualified DPO’s…do you think if a mate had been to the intro class only (and maybe even advanced class w/out the 1 month experience) they could get hired?


Count me in for the beta testing too.


Jeffrox, If you are a Class 1 (unlimited) master willing to work in nigeria, then yes. If you are a 3/m only wanting to work in the Gulf Of Mexico, then worth a try but don’t hold your breath.


You may be able to get a relief gig through Atlantic Resourcing. Contact:
Jennifer Milne MREC CertRP
Deputy Team Leader (Drilling)
Atlantic Resourcing

Tel: +44 1224 247968
Fax: +44 1224 247133
Web: [url=“”]

Atlantic Resourcing
Bridge View, 1 North Esplanade West, Aberdeen
AB11 5QF, UK

Jenni regularly supplies me with relief crew and deals closely with Transocean HR in Aberdeen. Those relief jobs often turn into full time spots. Be willing to work C/M or even 2/M for a couple of hitches to get the DP time and then you’ll be set to get off of the deck into a full time DP job.


Dear Captmrb, Dear john


Thank you very much … I really appreciate your advice
I am ready to start from the bottom and any where , so I can obtain the DPO certificate and to make a good name for my self in this industry.
I will contact Jennifer Milne MREC CertRP soon.



anyone see this-

California Maritime Academy is looking for deck and engine watch
officer candidates for the 2009 training cruise aboard the training
ship Golden Bear. Watch officers will stand watches, train and
instruct students, conduct drills, and provide lectures. Minimum
qualifications for the engine watch officer position is an unlimited
license, familiarity with modern ship technology and 95 STCW
endorsement. For the deck watch officer positions, candidates
must hold an unlimited license with current radar/ARPA
endorsement, have familiarity modern ship technology, especially
electronic navigation and communication, and hold their 95 STCW.
Click here to go to the academy site jobs page to learn more.