The banishment of c.captain and ombugge

Steamer, I withdrew the post almost immediately. It was supposed to be a joke but I thought it might not be taken as funny. It was only up for a few minutes. I thought it might be offensive. Having said that, I have worked with some doozies over the years. But, I learned on the job so I’m not sure it’s a required class at cook school.


No problem. No offense intended and I hope none taken. I thought it was just too good to pass up!

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This place is a PTA meeting compared to SA. You have to do a lot over there to get banned, but meanwhile the IGNORE function does wonders for just not seeing the trolls. Maybe an ignore button would beat a ban???


It’s your webpage, you do what you want.

  1. I support your banishing of ‘ombugge’

  2. Professional banter and different viewpoints are all great. Difference of opinion are welcome. Its how you learn. But his endless posts seemed to always be written with the intent of “correcting” another’s viewpoint. We can all understand the ‘argument’ once i awhile. Bit this guy was relentless. The word “exhausting” comes to mind.

  3. Years of experience are great, especially when it provides insight into specific issues being discussed. But his time and effort seemed to indicate he did nothing else all day.

Twitter and Facebook are facing a similar issue with ‘selectively’ removing posts and certain writers of a specific political persuasion. The expected comments there…and here on this forum…are all about freedom of speech.

I get that. But the scope clearly is not the same here as on those two platforms…yet!

But discussion of professional issues is one thing. Take it or leave it. For the record, Facebook and Twitter thru their selective censorship, are in fact having an impact (or attempting to) on the American election process. So the free speech issue is different there.

Finally, the gov’t has had to step in before in our history, when private enterprise efforts are so successful that the platforms that provide a service to the vast majority of Americans is overwhelmingly a monopoly. The energy sector in it’s early years and the telephone company, too, are the most immediate examples.

Twitter and Facebook have infected nearly every other website, with login and cross connection exchange of personal info. Therein lies the difference between free speech and required sharing and exchange of personal info.

I’m not certain of the best answer. But I don’t like the tentacles of the two ugliest octopuses out there, Jack and Mark, and the hidden network they have created. Now, they want to shape the outcome of our electoral process, all from the comfort of their desk. We’re all worried about Russians??? Worry more about the two executives and owners that “manage” the exchange of opinions shared in public, 24 hours a day.


In general this isn’t about censorship, 99% of the time a post get flagged for being off-topic. Then it gets deleted.

I don’t normally send PM or whatever I just delete, I figure it should be obvious why it got deleted.

However when someone complains about their off-topic posts getting deleted it’s framed as they are a brave truth-teller and everyone else is a fragile snowflake who can’t handle the truth.

So in some case I shifted some. Judge for your self:


Why did my post get deleted?

Why are my posts getting censored/erased?

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What’s SA?

I believe he is referring to Sailing Anarchy. Yacht racing forum

Oh, them! Scot Tempesta has bought a bunch of our merch. Nice guy but, yeah, he likes to stir the pot.

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Tempest in a tea pot


Is that really his name? Lol

Awesome text. Where did it come from?

Don’t go away mad, just go away!

That was hilarious.

Yes I am. The place is infected with trolls and I block them all for a better experience. The owner of the site is sometimes the biggest troll on there too.

Kudos John,
These types of individuals are on all types of platforms and forums.
They think that can come and berate any and all who don’t follow in their wake.
I could care less how much knowledge or experience they have!
I don’t need any chief bosun type screaming at deckhands, “ALL I WANT TO SEE IS ELBOWS AND A$$HOLES.” There is no longer a place for that.
Those attitudes only create discontent, resentment, anger and teach nothing to the crew.
As far as I’m concerned, “They can make like a salmon… Swim up stream, f#$k off and die.”
See what I mean John?
I can do that too, that’s easy, it teaches nothing.
I would wholeheartedly suggest that these individuals reevaluate their position and become mentors. God knows they got the chops to be great and leave a lasting legacy.
You can’t imagine my luck of how many Captains, First Officers and Bosuns took me under the wing, when they really didn’t have to and lifted me up.
If these individuals persist in their position, I can only suggest yhey go look for the boat’s Sea Chest.

Interesting posts, comments, all of them LOL

Been a member of a few forums (nothing to do with maritime) and as someone else said they do provide a searchable data base and shared knowledge that sites like Facebook lack.

I don’t know any “normal” forum which is “work” related that would allow the level of personal insults, foul language & general crudeness seen here daily. But again this is a forum for mariners by mariners. Different rules - OK, got it. But there still has to be limits enforced on a public forum. And like it or not, this is a forum founded & ran by John Konrad. His forum, his rules.

He gave plenty of fair warning, perhaps too much so… And yes I liked both of those posters who have been banned. Perhaps they can team up together to create their own salty internet banter site LOL :joy::laughing::smile:

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As previously stated, I am guilty of wandering off the farm a time or two, and have had vigorous disputes with Ombugg, so what? The man is a maritime encyclopedia as well as c.captain, also an encyclopedia. Funny I just sent a response to one of his old posts and just realized he’s gone. I can’t say how many times I needed an answer to a maritime question and typed into the search block and found it discussed in various threads, invaluable. Experience and depth of knowledge even if a bit brusque is invaluable. We are mariners and in the past have been known to have thick skin, at the same time John Konrad wants and has the right to take this forum to a higher level and become something politically influential and input which disrupts the business model he is seeking have been addressed.

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Thank you John. I see this forum you created as a platform for the exchange of ideas, opinions and camaraderie among professional mariners.
I’ve skated on the edge of impropriety and bent a few threads my way but IMHO Ombugge’s constant high jacking of threads and fervent support of everything Chinese and denigrating of anything American had become old unwanted baggage. I don’t care how much experience he has, I had started to ignore most of his posts and c.cap’s diatribes were often off the charts.
They both had plenty of depth of knowledge but I don’t see any shortage of it in their absence. I consider the forum a better place for it.
Hopefully, they’ll both be back with a more measured approach.

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