Thank you gcaptain (MOT)

After two years of “trolling” this forum, I finally received my MOT in the mail. The advice and guidance found here is invaluable for any mariner looking to upgrade their license.
My route was a bit circuitous. I had gotten my 100 ton at the age of 20 where i steered car ferries out in eastern long island. I moved to NYC where i finished college (not maritime) while steering at NY Harbor Experience (the yellow water taxis). I accrued well over 1080 days of running a master or supervisory position. From there i jumped over to Harley Marine NY. For the past four years I’ve been working deck, upgrading my license, learning seamanship and reading this forum. I’ve been working with a coach/mentor who is a DE, however, we never tow on a wire and seldomly tow alongside. I headed up to Diamond Marine to have 3 evolutions signed off on my TOAR.
I’m still happily working deck and steering on my off watch, for there’s much more to learn.
I just wanted to say thank you for the helpful information.