Temp taking and HIPAA

With all these companies trying to CYA over coronavirus, is it against HIPAA regulations to record people’s temperatures?

My neighbor has a hair business. For her to continue operating, she has to take ones temperature and a form is filled out with the temperature recorded. For a while the business was shut down due to pandemic rules in the state until they eased up a bit. She and the customer must wear masks.


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Although most organizations and companies appreciate the intent of the law, my understanding is HIPPA only applies to healthcare providers.


Was in the shipyard recently, and we took temperatures and asked screening questions. Some yard workers said this violated the HIPPA laws. I told them they are free to file a law suit, but if they refuse, they would not be allowed onboard. They all complied, and I know of no law suits actually being filed.

Whether the information from temperature screenings is collected by employees at home or collected on-site, it must be adequately protected and kept confidential. Collected information should be shared only with those who have a need to know and should be protected under HIPAA standards. Employers must also maintain all information about an employee’s illness as a confidential medical record in compliance with the ADA, separate from the employee’s personnel file.

Yup… Found this article regarding HIPAA just now and who it applies to (spoiler alert: not shipping companies):

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