The Telegram App is very useful for secure , low bandwidth, free download from the App Store. It provided messaging similar to texts and free overseas phone calls. Even video calls if you have enough bandwidth.

I find that apps like Telegram, Signal, and WhatsApp will often send messages when bandwidth is too low for ordinary texts.

I have never used any of the Telegram “channels.” I’ve heard that political crazies get together and rant on Telegram channels. Someone has mentioned that there are “maritime channels” on Telegram.

Are there any useful Telegram “maritime channels”?

Did this account get hacked?

Not that I know of. I’ve never had any problems with Telegram. I’m told it’s the safest and most secure communications app.

I don’t know anything about Telegram “channels” and that why I asked.

I communicate with someone that only uses Signal. That works fine too. I don’t know if Signal also has channels.

I was taking this quite literally, as in the SITOR channels one can use for actual telegrams, or could back in the day, and it made no sense at all if you are thinking of a SSB radio and not a phone. Oops!

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Telegram having lots of benefits, personally I had lots of benefits using this app. I can share my images or some videos and also I can download movies. Same way I can join any channel which I like. You can edit and replace pictures while sending.