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Transfer pricing schemes are the biggest offender.
Nice to see the G7 has taken action.
Individuals are chicken feed compared to the cash that leaves your country via the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, Uber, etc
Some multinational startups business models are only profitable because of the increased margin due to transfer pricing due to low or no tax paid.

Next small business i start will have an office in Monaco that charges me an indecent license fee for the privilege of calling my self Jonnys shoe shine.

Taxes shouldn’t be a wedge between citizens regardless of ability/inability to pay but between the government and citizen.

I don’t mind paying taxes when the government spends my money efficiently and on actual functions of government. What really pisses me off is having to pay taxes when the politicians treat me like an ATM machine funding their giveaways to fat cat donors.


yes, when I was working in Europe the Italians up north that hate paying.
I did some work in a yard and got to deal with the admin staff, learn lots about the Italian system but essentially the tax was about the same as Australia yet they get nothing for it so I can see why they hate paying so much.

Ronnie Regan said it, the best Goverment is the smallest one.