TAL at it again

So I don’t know if I’ve been under a rock or not, but I hear the TransAtlantic has been arrested over seas. What the hell happened now?!

The USCG did an inspection and found oil in their OWS discharge piping. They fixed everything and are back underway now though.

I hear it was a little more than that. Something like 165 2692s!

Just read that TAL has been organized by the MEBA. Captain and C/E not yet into the fold.

Long Overdue!! They won’t get away with their games with the union on board. This is really good news for American sailors. That company has been an outlier of crappy management and treatment.

Not 100% sure the union is going to do anything. Unless they demand such a high day rate they put TAL out of business. Sorry, too many unions, not enough ships.

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Too many or wrong KIND of Unions??

Any new developments like non payment of crew? Maybe geard the guys have not been paid in a month

While I hate to hear that, hopefully it’s the beginning of the end for that company. Not only for that company but for the two “owners” as well.

The Transatlantic got hit HARD by the USCG in Busan, South Korea. Had multiple losses of propulsion in the Mid East as well as lost propulsion off the Philippines. USCG seized the ships computers and examined the entire vessel as well as interviewed all crew members. Seemed to be they were looking for a magic pipe or other similar situation. I think the ship finally left South Korea but was there at least 1 month or more.

About the same time there was non-stop talk about the MEBA elections @ TAL.

MEBA won.

Now AIS ship tracker online shows the Transatlantic just sitting in Long Beach for the past month or so. And now there are some rumors about TAL crew going unpaid for the last month also.

Hope someone else can provide more info/details.

Yes, that is correct. USCG hit the Transatlantic hard.Took a fine tooth whale bone comb to that ship.

The lost the plant in the Red Sea last November and drifted for a few days to get it back then had to limp into Jordan at ~3 kts.

They found oil residue in the OWS overboard discharge pipe. The investigation was probably trying to determine if it was known that the OWS was not functioning properly or if the discharge was accidental.

I heard a week or so ago from a trusted source who is in contact with current crew that TAL missed the “last payroll”. I’m unclear as to the current status of pay.

the Transatlantic rolled into a stand by berth in the port of LA last night with two assist tugs…rumor is they have some problems.

Nothing about the latest detention but this list makes for interesting reading. Why does this remind me of a New Orleans based company I once had the misfortune of sailing for?


They left Seattle around 3-5 weeks ago ship looked rough as expected