T&T Offshore & Phil Leisure

I was thinking as taking a job working on one of the three crew boats T&T runs. Does anyone have any experience working with theses guys? I think the head honchos name is phil leisure, is he a good guy to work for?
Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks

That was my first offshore job. I didn’t stay long. The boats are old and small but well-maintained. The job is interesting – runs can be anytime and can be to vessels as close as Bolivar Roads and as distant as supertankers in one of the lightering areas (80-100 miles). Deck officers also operate the dock cranes; cargo is loaded by boat crews. Plus side is you come and go from the same dock every time. Negative is that even though runs are often (necessarily, because of Customs clearance) scheduled many hours or even days in advance, you’re locked-down at the facility. They never did get my direct deposit right and there is no provision for heading to the bank if you get a paper check. There seems to be a great deal of mistrust between office staff (on-site at dock) and boat crews (i.e., barriers between desks and waiting area, crew not allowed back into actual offices, etc.). Grocery budget was skimpy when I was there – a lot of white labels from Wal-Mart. Pay is decent to start. My impression of Phil and a few of the other senior people was that … well, they weren’t “people persons.” It was an interesting mix of folks – more than a few washed-up from some of the bigger oilfield companies, some who wanted to work closer to home (though if you can’t leave the boat/dock, I don’t really see what difference that makes). Schedule was 14/7. Good luck, whatever you do.

Never heard of T&T Offshore. Are they a new startup? What kind of boats? What size?

Just curious.

Launch service in Galveston, stores and spares, crew changes and technicians to foreign-flagged vessels lying offshore. Been around for a while. Boats are 1970s/80s vintage triple-screw crewboats in the 110-ft. range.