SUNY Maritime - Permanent 2nd Mate billet open


For only $70,000 I know I’ll steer well clear. I’d also be curious to know why a Second Mate is working with developing engine training programs… cheers!

I read it as saying they will market/sell the program (“give presentations”), not develop it. I guess they subscribe to the idea that a good salesman can sell anything even if they know nothing about it…

Even to ex-military with a second income (pension) this may not be very appealing. That salary won’t go far if you want to live within a reasonable commute of the Bronx.

And considering the 3rd Mate salary is $65,000… it’s not really a step up.

The engineering chair threw a hissy fit at the last staff meeting because he felt deckies were butting in on his grand vision for the department, I can see this further ruffling his sensitive feathers.

The limited deck and engine programs have had mixed support. The engine program was viewed by some as not being engineering as it didn’t lead to an engineering degree and lacked courses like thermo and fluid dynamics. The reasonably successful Mate 500/1600 program also had mixed support, some viewed it as just a conduit to the 4-year regiment program. I guess whoever gets this job needs to be prepared for the Machiavellian politics of academia.

I stepped into the politics of academia unwittingly when I applied for a job at Maine when I first began to realize how much I hated being a lawyer (over 20 years ago). I expressed approval and support for the academy diversifying with limited license and non-license programs, apparently contrary to the views of the people interviewing me. I guess it worked out as I would not have worked out there, and they hired someone who has done a lot better than I would have (Andy Chase).


I must have missed something as I didn’t see that in the job description.

From the posting:

May be required to attend Open Houses and other events to make presentations designed to showcase the College and in particular the engine training program on the ship.

I think I just read it too quickly, but it seems like you’d be developing some kind of presentations to showcase that program and where it takes folks as well as answer questions about it for parents or prospective students, which in my mind should be done by someone from the engineering dept (admissions would only screw that up themselves if left to it.) Why a navigator’s rating is being tasked with this is just odd to me.

That and the fact that this position posted in 2016 for $80,000…

We wouldn’t want the nice future cadets and thier parents to have to interact with the bilge monkeys now would we?

Also does that salary include summer sea term? Cuz that should be another $10- 15k for 90 days.

From what I have been told, that is all inclusive. The salary reflects the schoolyear plus sea term.

Well I mean I guess you get to go home most nights but still. Also why aren’t they promoting the current 3/m? :thinking:

Maybe they don’t have the license yet or they’re looking for someone with deep sea experience? Who knows.

Yeah that’s what I figured, but they did the same with new Capt. Seems like a great guy with tons of experience, but I wonder if Mahanna was even considered.

The state of New York probably has a system like the Federal gov’t. No one gets “promoted.” You advertise the job, and if someone in-house applies, you can hire them.


It’d be a sweet gig for a union pensioner, that’s for certain.

$70k is more than the professors make and I would guess less work.

Well it’s not great when a 2/m could easily make over $100k and work 6 months in a year.

True, but that job comes with state benefits, retirement, and being home 9 months a year. I’m not saying it’s fantastic money, but if somebody wants to be close to home and still sail, it’s an option.

No wonder they all bail out and the first chance to go to KP.

Absolutely true. I was over there about 10 years ago, and every car on the pier had a NY Maritime license plate. The whole crew of the Kings Pointer were Schuyler grads.

The admissions open houses are mainly ran by students and they actually do a pretty good job of accurately representing the school. (I was one of those students) I laughed when I saw that in the job posting as I knew that was just I way for the school to cover its ass so they could make them stay the weekend for an open house.