Sunshine Skyway, Tampa Bay

Published 10/8/2013, someone gave me this new(ish) book for the holidays. An excellent maritime read, read it in a single sitting. Couldn’t put it down.


Mullet Farm is right,
Skyway is definitely worth the read. A good insight of how your beautiful life and career can go into the toilet as Mr Murphy and Mother Nature get together for an impromptu “weather event, micro burst, shizz hits the fan, fubar.” And your ass and license is in the middle of this cataclysmic cluster of unpleasantness.
Easily affordable Kindle download for even the cheapest boat person.
See how the sharks come out. See how Tampa Bay Pilots, who hate each other more than their mother in laws, try and say something charitable about the Yankee pilot from NY the State forced them to hire. Not!
This tale is a tragedy, fortunately, deputy pilot John Lerro, a good man, whom I had the great pleasure to work with is… well I can’t give up the ending, but it’s worth your read.

I am old school. I ordered the manual version. Even that should be well within the budget of all you high paid seafaring folk. I am looking forward to hearing the back story. I recall watching the steps of demolition and construction as we passed under the bridge for many years in the 80s.