Stories of bad week onboard

Got a bit inspired by the thread of pranks onboard and last week.

Got any ‘bad’ weeks onboard? Where everything just doesn’t go your way?

Last week I had one…even the chief couldn’t belive it.

It started when I was doing the weekly maintenance on the boiler, we use a customized vacuumcleaner to remove the loose sot within, the vacuumcleaner bursts in to flames since the filter was damaged, the chief was surprised it held as long as it did.

Changed the emergency batteries on 240 anp, the connector breaks just about when I am to tighten it, takes a a day, since we did not have spare parts.

The pyro unit to the boiler breaks down as I turn it on.

Changing the oilfilter to the main engine, we find out that the threads where the bolts are to go are helicoils, since I drrw up the bolt with the threads.

At the end, I was just allowed to bring coffee, he said he wanted to bring me ashore till the ‘curse’ was gone.
When the mate broke down the high pressure cleaner, I heard he say under his breath ‘its a disease…’

This week…fortunately, its back to normal :smiley: