Starting career in Europe

It seems, that most people/topics are from USA, but is there anybody from Europe?
I am 26, EU citizen and I would like to start my career in inland shipping. I have done some research, but have few more questions.

  1. When looking for entry-level positions without any experience I should search Deckhand, Deksman or Leichtmatrose? It is all the same positions only in different languages?
  2. As I found, that the minimum law requirements for deckhand is only have completed basic safety training according to national requirements . This means I need to take STCW before looking for job?
  3. I speak fluently only English, and understand some basic German and Dutch. Is that enough, or is it better to learn at least one of these languages more?
  4. In some job offers I found terms service book and inland shipping book. These are the same, or they are differnet papers?
  5. Any other advice for newcomer, who is looking for first job on board?

Thank you very much for your help!

Im based on Germany. Inland shipping on the EU consists of the bulk trades, container trade and passenger trade.

If entry level get your STCW training sorted and certified. At entry level there is no position you are presently qualified for that needs a complicated national certificate. Should you rise in your career there are national certifications issued in Germany & Netherlands that May prove necessary particularly in the Rhine / Canal based trades.

Don’t expect high pay. The inland operations are often single ship entities that operate like a dump truck for hire. Lean staffed, family run. Stop at night sometimes.

The river cruise lines using lots of crew will use a few local deck officers then Eastern European or Filipino staff depending on what they can get away with. So a hefty pay packet isn’t what’s on offer.

Not to discourage… just to clarify.

This may help:

Or contact this one for more info on available jobs:

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