Stacking a blank resume

Hey all

As I am getting my paperwork together to get my MMD/TWIC I am also looking into the BST course I will need and began thumbing through all of the other training courses available…most of them are for rating and endorsements that require sea time…so outside of the BST training are there any other courses I could take as a newbie that would make my resume be more attractive than all the other entry level folks with just their blank MMD and TWIC? I live in Texas and will be looking for GOM OSV work, such as it is. Oh, and I do know that GOM OSV has different STCW, but I am trying to complete requirements for deep sea and figure I will hit everything I need for GOM OSV along the way…

I suggest SafeGulf and Huet as they are generally required and a company would have to foot the bill and wait for you to get it before they could send you to work otherwise.

You can also take Hazwoper and H2S. You can take them online so it would safe you some money in travel and hotel.