So i guess its a bad time for AB jobs?

Louisiana oil and gas industry in danger after President Biden cancels 80 - million - acre oil lease sale

I was looking to make a move at the end of the year. Well, shit… I am still hopeful i can find something. Maybe SIU or MSC but I think going out as a C book at SIU is next to impossible from searching the forums who knows.

Plenty of AB jobs right now


Good AB’s can find work. Even in the 70’s’ hard to find but always employable especially with a tankermans ticket


Bad time for AB jobs on osvs probably…tug companies, not so much…

Generally speaking, its not exactly a job seekers market these days, but a good AB with all the bells and whistles can find work.


Bowhead is hiring AB’s for training vessels in the Norfolk area. I keep getting the ads in my inbox.

Also some of the river cruise outfits are gearing up they are always looking. American Queen Steamboat co. See those ads too. No idea what they pay

This is the mystery to me: I occasionally hear that AB jobs are in short supply…but I, who make it my business to know who other companies are hiring, know for certain there are plenty of AB jobs available, and the shortage will just intensify as summer approaches.

So what is going on?

Not meant to be a reflection on the OP but I think it’s a matter of perception. A lot of people look for awhile, get frustrated and then think the jobs are not there- when in fact, they haven’t looked everywhere or know where to look. That’s why this board is so valuable


time to go green…rumors of a 3 trillion dollar jobs bill in the works…

Good, emphasis on Good, tugboat ABs with significant Pacific Northwest barge towing experience, emphasis on PNW, are in short supply.

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Check the companies on the Great Lakes. Fitting out now -

Early on in my career. the job hunting was always good during shitty cold weather. Didn’t bother me a bit. But then again, after finding the spot I wanted to be in, chose a warmer weather fleet. Backfired on occasion, still sent me north of Hatteras when some states ran low on fuel oil in the winter. And re-emphasize, a GOOD AB can always find work. They are priceless.


Yes. Alternative fuel is the future. I read today that almost 40 percent of Ireland’s electric consumption in 2020 was provided by wind turbines. I do believe I saw some want ads for support companies. We are getting wind turbines off the Virginia coast.

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Go search for information on Wind-power in Ireland. Turns out that because they built the wind farms on peat bogs they are releasing huge amounts of CO2 and have caused landslides and lake poisonings, one killed 50,000 fish. It’s like when you find out that a Vegan causes more animal deaths than a Pure Carnivore because of all the small animals killed by agriculture.

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MSC is a good place to get some sea time. They were always good at training. I was able to get schools during my down time.

The wind turbines didn’t do that. Poor planning and construction methods did. Peat is notoriously easy to get moving it almost turns into a kind of slurry. Will you next try to convince me that they cause cancer? Lol.

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Did not say that the peat did it. Just that the idiots who did the planning did and in fact it means that the wind power produced more pollution than a regular power plant would have. It’s like all the endangered eagles and birds that get killed by wind turbines that “greens” cover up.

No intention to engage you in a debate, but I am certain far more birds die from pollution from conventional fuel sources, from plastic, and even via cats who are allowed outside and kill songbirds by the millions. I work on research ships and we often carry an ornithologist. I recall one who put on a slide show and lecture at sea. You’d be amazed how many sea birds for example die with bellies full of plastic crap that we don’t even think about when we toss it in the bin.

Birds also die from smacking into buildings. Fixed objects. So of course they will run into turbines…so my thought would be that location and placement could be better planned in concert with known migration routes and of course, the substrate they will be installed on. There are successful installations all over the world.

If a few Starlings get wacked…all the better.

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Not the point I am trying to make. My point is the hypocrisy of environmentalists.

Looking for ABs on the Lakes now.

PM if interested