SIU AB Unlimited to 3rd Mate

I worked on SIU ships for 6 years as an AB. I’m presently running an OSRV as captain. I hold a 1600 ton Oceans license which I was offered last time I applied for 3rd Mate Unlimited. The last time they denied me was because my assessments were in my SIU training book. I was told that the books assessments were Coast Guard approved and worked just as the paper assessments you can print out at the USCG website. The REC center in Baltimore accepted the assessments but I was shipping a lot at the time and unfortunately let that evaluation slide. At my next evaluation in Long Beach the evaluator told me that they could not accept the training book for assessments.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

46 CFR 10.407©:
While holding a license as master of ocean or near coastal steam or motor vessels of not more than 1,600 gross tons, one year of service as master on vessels of over 200 gross tons operating on ocean or near coastal waters will qualify the applicant for a license as third mate of ocean or near coastal steam or motor vessels of any gross tons.

What is their problem? Don’t the assessments you did for Master 1600 cover 3/M?