Singapore captains

Singapore just makes use of these $2 captains, when it suits them.
Many license exams in Singapore can be done verbally in several languages to allow for illiterate people to pass.
Not sure that applies to Singapore CoC’s but it does for everything else.

What is a “2$ Captain” anyhow??

Any refr.?? (No, “a Buddy told me” is NOT a refr.)

More rubbish!!!
The only thing here that make any sense is; “Not sure”.

When a offshore vessel comes back to Singapore off hire they get cheap indo to crew them, they even have to buy their own food in many cases.
Crew gets swapped out if they go back on hire, are you saying you didnt know that?

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here’s and easy one, its for driving a pleasure craft or a craft for hire and a bum boat that many of us have probably been in going to vessels.
Many gov depts dont advertise but when you ask you can book oral exams in Bengaly, Tamil, Hindu, Malay, etc

PPCDLTheory ORAL Test (Mandarin, Malay & Tamil) Please email to for enquiries.
Registration can be done at the Singapore Polytechnic, 500 Dover Road, PACE Academy, T1A Level 1 from Mon to Fri, from 9am to 5pm.

Please bring the following documents :-

  1. PPCDL Attendance Course Certificate
  2. Medical Certificate/Report for Eyesight
  3. Statutory Declaration (applicable to ORAL Test Only)

99% of things the foreign workers do can be oral exams, its good for business to get cheaper workers.
truck driving
scissor lift
all the building and construction safety courses
etc etc
Then you have those cheap indo’s that cant really read English yet have CoC’s…
The Filipinos with the original fake certs that got converted to real STCW95 ones, who I have been on board with that also cant read English.
Singaporean Captains in the Oil and gas industry, I know one but cant get a job so left the industry, I guess they are in the deep sea vessels?
I guess there very few with a DP ticket, never heard of one.

OM you did live in Singapore, I am starting to wonder

Bug has been around. I respect that. So have many of you that give him undue disrespect. He does not need any defense , nor cares. Pretty sharp dude that got his hands dirty early on in his career and did well. Quite alright with that.

Yes not disagreeing with any of that.
But when he spouts propaganda straight from the newspaper his opinion on those items lose all respect.
He has never posted anything about Singapore that somebody who lived there would know as an observation, for all his years there he seems to have zero insight into how anything works, hard to comprehend as every other old hand I know in Singapore knows it like I do.

Although the Caption is Singapore Captains there is basically none in the OnG field.

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What happens to those caught “Cheating” on License Exams in Singapore ?

It can’t be good.

dont know but like everything else, everyone passes because they are so good and the proof is they all pass…lol