Short rotation for AB seaman

My husband is looking for a shorter work rotation. Right now he has 90-45. Are there any companies hiring AB’s right now for 14/14, 21/21, 28/28? If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!!

He is working towards getting his 3th mate license as well.

Look at tug and OSV companies.

Asking for my husband lol

well he’s working and doesn’t have internet so… he asked me to look around.

3th mate license

I laughed way harder at that than I should have.

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Its probably 3rd I guess, my first language isn’t English.

What’s your first language?

“th” kicks in at 4th. English makes no sense.

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Teach your husband Dutch and send him to Amsterdam!

To be clear: eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, but twenty first, twenty second, twenty third, thirty first, thirty second, thirty third etc.