Shoreside AIS Program Needed

Is anyone familiar with an AIS program that will automatically zoom in and out of vessels in my fleet? I am looking to utilize this feature on a TV screen in my office’s lobby, so that visitors will be able to see where our boats are at. I know this isn’t the typical G-Captain forum question, but any insight helps.

This is kind of a basic question. You would need to set up an account on marinetraffic and create a fleet, thru the fleet menu.

Would you be able to share the vessels in your fleet with this forum so I can check the position of these vessels you speak of? I can add to my fleet and delete and add whenever I want. How big of a fleet do you have?

If you just want a huge world map with all your boats at once I think Marine Traffic can do it. My account opens to “My Fleet Mode” that is just displays my fleet. The issue will be if two ships go opposite directions, your map will eventually be really big. That might be fine with you.

I am very aware of the online platforms for AIS monitoring. I am looking for a program that will bounce around from boat-to-boat and not just one area. I know many companies have this.

Maybe a summer intern could whip up something with a google earth display being fed from one of the AIS services and some kind of macro running to sort of “ slide show” from ship to ship position. With an option to select a specific ship.

Write a script to run on an office 'puter. Surely you have an IT person who can handle that.

Here is another one you can look into. Their website does say they can offer specially tailored applications? This might work for the office lobby TV screen idea you have for the visitors. They could possibly embed the code into your website on a separate page and adjust all the default values accordingly for you.

Then in the future, you could hire a digital signage advertising company to custom create the other key components of your companies primary message to your potential client base (using the functionality that PowerPoint provides). So if they are in the office lobby waiting they could read more about the products and services your company can offer? As you know ships/boats don’t really move that fast.

Is your fleet usually found on inland waterways? Good luck.


Strawberry Perl. Shouldn’t be too hard to knock out a script.