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Never been involved with installing or removing Azipods, or any other thrusters of that size, but removing and re-installing thrusters on rigs and drillships was fairly common in Singapore.

The main issue is the fact that the large Azipod units are not underwater-mountable, so the mounting interface needs to be above water.

China Merchant Shipping confirm order with China Merchant Shipyard for 4 new multi-purpose HLV (keeping it in the family):

Russian yards is emphasizing the domestic market and domestic equipment:

Royal Niestern Sander to build an icebreaking shallow-draught walk-to-work vessel for Sakhalin:

And the shipping world is getting aware of the limitations that exists on Chinese yards:

Lack of experience in building large LNG powered ships, incl. LNG Carriers, are evident by the delays that has been experienced.

PS> Good for S Korean yard, but the Chinese are learning and is likely to catch up eventually.

The worst mistake anyone leading in pretty much any field can do is to think no-one can catch them.

More work for Ulstein Verft - Monday came the hull of “Nexans Aurora”

The 149-meter-long hull of “Nexans Aurora” came to Ulstein Shipyard Monday, after being towed from the Polish shipyard Christ, in Gdynia - last Wednesday.

With that, many employees who have been laid off from their job path at Ulstein Verft, are working again.

Shall help connect offshore wind farms to the electricity grid

The DP3 ship «Nexans Aurora» has a turntable with cable capacity of 10,000 tonnes, which represents a new step for offshore renewable energy.

"Nexans Aurora" will be equipped for laying sea cables, which include bundling, cable connecting and repairs, ditching and securing of cable systems. The ship is designed to be highly maneuverable and have good positioning ability even in rough weather operations.

The vessel will play an important role in the installation of Nexans sea cables, which will provide more energy to the world, help connect offshore wind farms to the electricity grid, support the electrification of offshore oil installations and build interconnection cables between countries.

From today. Translated by Google.(with a little help)

Hybrid power for new Live Fish Carrier:,AS%20shipyard%20in%20Vestnes%2C%20Norway.

Not so new, since the Island Venture was delivered in Febr, but here is a review of this, the world’s most powerful towing vessel:,AS%20shipyard%20in%20Vestnes%2C%20Norway.

Ulstein deliver yet another OSV/W2W vessel with X-Bow and X-Stern:

Four new General Cargo Vessels under construction for COSCO will have MacGregor cranes:

A new LNG powered Mega RoRo is under construction for Swedish Wallenius SOL:,-25%20Jun%202020&text=CIMC%20Raffles%20Offshore%20Engineering%20Pte,newbuilding%20at%20its%20Yantai%20shipyard.

Are any seismic vessel keels being laid? Or is the major seismic owner operator days of that industry over like Westerngeco stated when they got out of the business a couple years ago?

It’ll be sad if so. Those companies have some magnificent purpose built ships. I’m not just talking about the crazy Ramform from PGS, which I was told rode like shit because the sea was always on the quarter, but like the Western Neptune and Geco Diamond. Those are boats you like to stop and look at.

all part of the exploration tree, they go first and come back first if money is being spent.

That is not what has been found in the extensive testing that has been done on the Ramform design, both before the first large one, the spyship Marjata, for the PGS vessels and now for as yacht design:
It has not been the experience of the Masters that has operated these vessels all over the world and in all kinds of weather, as far as I have been told.

Knutsen NYK order more tankers:

The battle for Cruise ship contract is almost lost for European yards:

That was the last segment were European yards excelled.

S- Korean yards are also loosing market dominance:,Korean%20shipbuilders’%20new%20orders%20tumble%2067%20pct,H1%20as%20pandemic%20hits%20demand&text=New%20orders%20won%20by%20South,demand%2C%20industry%20data%20showed%20Thursday.

But MAYBE they will win this Petrobras order for a large new FPSO:

But Chinese yards will be in the running as well.

If a converted VLCC/ULCC meet the requirements, Singaporean yards have a good track record.

A combination of building the hull at a Chinese yard and do the outfitting in Singapore is a third possibility.

The possibility of a European yard winning the contract is slim, but maybe a consortium of several yards stand a chance.

The period as Croatian owned didn’t last long for Kleven. The two different business cultures didn’t match.
New owners has appeared and will be taking the yard in a “Green” direction. with ship recycling as an added activity:

Here is a more detailed article (in Norwegian):

(Translates fairly well by G.T.)

It didn’t start well for Green Yard Kleven though: