Shipping News revived

KG finance model is dead. Long live KG 2.0:

China wants to take over control of world trade and become "global supply chain organizer”:

NOR Shipping has been postponed (again):

It may return to it’s normal summer slot on the Shipping Calendar, with BBQ and Strawberry parties in long light and warm summer nights??

It is not the only changes to the Shipping Calendar:


It’ll be a busy year for those who wants to attend all 4 major Shipping Exhibitions:

News about shipping newspaper Lloyd’s List:

A well known name in the shipping world is no more (RIP):

The Pangaeas fleet included 9 bulkers with Ice Class 1A, owned and operated by their subsidiary Nordic Bulk A/S:

Now Marine Insurers are also getting in on the 2050 act:

It’s end of another year. Time to look back on what has been:

In case somebody is heading to Korea in the new year:

PS> Nice jacket and tie.

Seaspan is expanding the fleet:

Seaspan Corp. has a very international management team but does not operate any Container Line. Their 131 existing ships are mostly on long term charter to major shipping lines:

Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. has crew on many of the ships in their fleet:

What goes up must come down. (??):

It’s time to stop looking back and start looking at the future:
More predictions for 2022:

Dutch diverse and family owned shipping company is changing owners:

More predictions for 2022:

Followed by Wish List for 2022:

How to shape the future of shipping?:

No surprise there:

Home, sweet home.

Shuttle tankers are are small segment in shipping, but with fairly sophisticated vessels…
Here are predictions for this market for 2022-3:

For some reason FPSOs and Shuttle tankers are not commonly used in the US GoM.
This article from 2002 looked at the need when venturing into deep and remote waters:
It doesn’t appear to have happened. Why??