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Container shipping is important for X-mas:

The days when Greek shipowners bought old worn out ships and run them for more years (sometimes “on the edge of the law”) is no more:

For more details:

The New Zealand flagged KOKAKO arriving into Timaru. photo : Tom Johnston ©

The 2016 built coastal tanker MATUKU arriving at Lyttelton to discharge product from the Marsden Point refinery. Photo : Alan Calvert

The ENERGY APOLLO moored at Marsden Point Photo : Brian Shankland ©

The refinery is owned by a consortium of the oil majors who do not concern themselves with disaster planning. New Zealand has a major fault line running through both islands where the Australian and Pacific plates collide.
At present product is pumped from the refinery to Auckland and when the pipeline was damaged New Zealand’s major airport started to run out of jet fuel. The coastal tankers were deployed and because Auckland no longer has a wharf to handle petroleum products they had to make do with road tankers.
Auckland is the only city to be connected to a pipeline.
With today’s Covid-19 environment, shipping congestion and New Zealand being a small market we are not well served by international carriers and there is no international shipping by New Zealand owned ships. When I started at sea the Union Steamship Company had over 60 ships in domestic and international service.
Shoreside management have complained for years about New Zealand seamen having equal time off and wanting more than a bowl of rice and a fish head. It looks like they will get their wish.

Skuld P&I Club offer advise on LOIs:

Cosco Shipping Lines Adds Next-Generation, Active Controlled-Atmosphere EverFRESH Systems:

NOTE: US is second biggest owner nation.

In good times the insurance companies want their “fair share” of the cake: