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Panama lost it’s throne as the top flag state:

But when it comes to top Shipowning nations the picture is different:

Source: Top 10 Ship Owning Nations - VesselsValue

Most ships are not managed from their flag state, nor from the domicile of the beneficial owner.
Many, if not most ships are wholy or partly managed by 3rd party Shipmanagement companies.
The largest such companies are listed here:

But where is the most complete Shipping Center in the world?:

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One more ESG Index for shipping:

Smart4Sea- Europort exhibition will take place in Rotterdam, November 7-10, 2023, with SMART4SEA – EUROPORT Awards ceremony due on 8th November to honor organizations that have contributed towards Smart Shipping, Cyber Security, E-Navigation, Technology and Autonomous Shipping.
And the nominees aaaare (drum roll):

US Coast Guard chose DNV as one partner for their one-year merchant marine training programme on autonomous and remote-controlled shipping:

A well known figure in Singapore shipping is stepping aside, but not out:

This year “Captain’s Table” will be held as part of Hong Kong Maritime Week in Nov. 2023:

If you have any good ideas or projects to promote it is not too late to join.

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Competition is good but (sometime) collaboration is better:

New regulations re: waste management on ships:

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“Norwegian Sales Clauses” has eventually been replaced as the standard S&P contract:

A timely initiative:

MOL is expanding in many fields lately:

Fairfield has their Hq in Wilton, CT:

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Cui bono?

" Due to the EU’s sanction on Russian oil exports, US dirty tanker exports have grown the fastest into the EU since 2021. In 2023, average monthly deadweight tonne miles from the US to the EU have more than doubled compared with 2021. This has further added to the growth in demand for VLCCs which in 2023 account for 43% of deadweight tonne miles into the EU, up from just 2% in 2021."

For some WAR has always been good for business.

PS> Their website is off line.

Here is the background story: